Police raid online lending company in Pasig City for threatening clients

An online lending company in Barangay San Miguel, Pasig City was raided by operatives of the Philippine National Police - Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) on Tuesday, May 16, for allegedly threatening and harassing its customers who have failed to pay their loans.

The company was identified as Realm Shifters Business Process Outsourcing Services, located along Mercedes Avenue in Barangay San Miguel. 

According to the Philippine Association of Loan Shark Victims Inc. (PALSVI), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping loan shark victims, the company is one of the many businesses operating online lending applications (OLA) that harass and threaten users for not paying their debts. 

The PNP-ACG conducted the raid in response to the complaints made to their office from the victims of the OLA. 

A warrant to search and seize computer data was served by the police to the company during the operation. 

Digital forensic examinations to extract data and evidence from the computers, mobile phones, and other devices of the OLA agents are ongoing. 

Other incidents of malpractice made by the company are also under further investigation by the police. 

PALSVI urged victims of OLAs to file reports to the police and pursue legal action against these companies.