Keep your guard up vs Covid-19—expert

A medical expert reminded Filipinos to continue practicing the different layers of protection as the Philippines is once again experiencing an upward trend in Covid-19 infections.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Rontgene Solante said that the pandemic is not yet over.

In a recent statement, the Department of Health (DOH) said that Covid-19 cases nationally “show continued increase with reported cases in the recent week at 1,533 cases per day as of May 10, which is a 75 percent increase from last week.”

On Sunday, May 14, Solante said that this current rise in cases “is expected and will be the new normal wherein we see periods of increase [in] cases.”

The public should “not to be complacent because anyone can get the infection whether vaccinated or unvaccinated because of the ability of [the] current subvariant to evade our immune response.”

He advised the public to update their Covid-19 vaccination, particularly the general population who are already eligible to receive the second booster shot.

Solante also highlighted the importance of wearing face masks.

“We should also advise the public to wear face mask[s] in high risk areas,” he said.

“Face mask is encourage[d] but not mandatory, and should be worn for those with high risk population to develop severe Covid such as elderly population, immunocompromised and those with comorbidities,”  he added.

He also emphasized the importance of Covid-19 testing and isolation.

“For those who are symptomatic— with cough, sore throat, and those with fever, they are encouraged to be tested for Covid so that if positive, they should isolate themselves to prevent transmission,” said Solante.

“For those in the high risk population who are symptomatic, they should consult their doctors for proper treatment using antivirals,” he added.