FASHION PULIS: The chosen one

Neighbors at the former residence of Funny Celebrity (FC) often wondered about her generosity. Although FC rose from nothing to something, she did not behave differently when she was in her neighborhood. She was friendly with the people before and after she gained her fame and fortune. As work became demanding, FC transferred to her big home, which had better accommodations.

FC would thus host weekend parties to entertain her guests. Her gay friends would bring their male friends to FC’s place. The boys were young, good-looking men, who were mostly from FC’s old territory. Faces were familiar and their life stories were known to the residents.

One day, FC announced she found the one with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Predictably, the old neighbors wondered who FC was referring to. To their shock, FC’s choice was a letdown. Of all the eligible friends who attended her weekend parties, FC chose someone who was known in the neighborhood as a person who already had life commitments. As time passed, FC flaunted her new man. The kibitzers wanted someone who had a clean slate for FC. However, they could only watch as FC was too much in love.

‘It’s difficult for me to imagine the rest of my life without you. But I suppose I don’t have to imagine it... I just have to live it.’ ― Ranata Suzuki

Rebound or true love
Love is in the air. After showbiz celebrity separations hogged the headlines in the past, these days, celebrations of love are all over social media. Some are preparing for their weddings. Females are flaunting their baby bumps. Celebrity parents are ecstatic over the latest addition to their families. Ex-lovers are seen reunited for causes other than love. Rather than focusing on hate, the exes are celebrating friendship and positivity. Meanwhile, new lovers are showing their happiness in their accounts.

Chill Personality (CP) seems to be not wanting to be left out in the love-filled moments, as well. Over the years, fans worried that CP’s heart might still be suffering from a love in which she poured much of herself. When CP was still with her Ex-Partner (EP), changes were noticed. Her views seemed to change and her career took the backseat. Even if her exposure lessened, her followers were happy for her choice.

Sadly, CP and EP had to part ways for the better. Both moved on. CP remained calm with her new status and found meaning in her new direction. However, her single status was cut short. CP apparently met a New Love (NL). Even if CP tried to keep a low profile with NL, she could not stop the power of social media.
Once the public saw CP and NL, stories about him started coming out. Many were shocked that CP chose someone who already had a commitment. Another story claimed NL was already married and has kids. This situation placed CP in an awkward spot, a target for accusations of ruining a marriage. As always, time will reveal if CP found her forever or if NL was just someone in CP’s rebound phase.

‘Wisdom comes not from reason but from love.’ ― André Gide

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