Special gifts to give the Moms in your life

They’re beautiful, one-of-a-kind, special, and not available in stores

For the domestic diva

Chimi Charley crocheted creations

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We all would love to have beautiful homes, but the domestic diva mama takes things a notch higher by making sure her home is filled with unique stuff you won’t ever see in her amiga’s house.

That’s why we’re in love with textile artist Stephanie Jesena Novero of Chimi Charley’s intricate designs. Her crocheted creations take months to finish, are one of a kind, each one is original, and lovingly handmade. They’re all functional pieces of art that add so much elegance and art into your homes. One of our favorites: This jeepney coaster set that only goes for ₱2,500 for four pieces, that comes with a special one meter table runner.

If your mama loves painting and crocheting, she’ll surely appreciate these proudly Pinoy creations. (IG: chimi.charley, Viber: +63 9173151382, kathapilipinas com).

For the advocate

Musa de Aretes


In this day and age of disposable, cheap fashion, the advocate Mama appreciates pieces that tell stories, or even better, are part of a bigger story.  That’s why her heart will skip a beat if she realizes that these striking accessories—earrings that cascade down her collarbone, huge conservation pieces on her wrist and her neck—are handcrafted by the Kagan Muslim tribe in Talaingod, and that the fabric used in that elegant bolero is made of banana trunk fiber, weaved by Persons Deprived of Liberty in Davao del Norte. We’d like to gatekeep Musa de Aretes, but their products are so beautiful the world should see them. Not that the world has not—the brand is low-key inching its way to fashion world domination with some special fashion shows in the US.


For the foodie

Slowburn MNL


For the Mama who loves great food, a platter of her favorites is always a no-fail gift. For the mom who slaves in the kitchen all day, every day, it’s always a treat to be able to eat really good food prepared by someone else. Slowburn MNL is a small food business that operates like your own private chefs. You don’t have to brave Mother’s Day traffic, eat at a crowded restaurant, especially if mom really can’t go out, and compete for the attention of the waiter. You can have this set at the comfort of your home: Fall-off-the-bone ribs, freshly seared salmon with Chef Chryso Morales’ signature and famous sauce, and the famous truffle umami rice. Add the linguini with the house-secret sauce topped with the garlic chicken to make for a very full Mama. A big platter can serve five to six, so you’ll share special memories with her.

FB @Slowburnmnl or at IG @slowburnmnl. +63 9560270730

For the young momma

Saffi Squirrel book series


Our children do not come with a manual, but there are books on parenting and books for children that help mothers do their jobs a little easier. There are tons of books about teaching kids manners, attitude, and values—but very few that teach them how to grow up knowing and respecting the value of money. That’s why the recently released Saffi Squirrel book series aimed at helping children become financially literate is a true treasure. “Saffi Squirrel was born out of a desire to help families cultivate better values and habits through meaningful stories and thought-provoking activities,” its creators, Clarissa de la Paz and Monique Carlos, share. Clarissa is a financial literacy advocate who’s already done two books on money, “I Wish They Taught Money in School” and “Money Grows on Trees.”  Monique is an early childhood educator. The Saffi Squirrel book series uses cartoon characters caught in special situations to illustrate how children should deal with money, and how to identify wants versus needs, and creating a mindset of abundance. Get copies on saffisquirrel.com or on Amazon.

For all our mamas

A vintage portrait with Jovel Lorenzo

4.jpgfeat mom.jpg

To be honest, this is really more of a gift for us than for them—a photo we will always remember them by, captured at this special moment in their life. And don’t just book a regular photo session. Make it special, especially for those who remember their old black-and-whites, with a vintage portrait session with Jovel Lorenzo, famous for his street box photography. Jovel is the only street box camera photography practitioner in the Philippines. That means his photos are vintage, black-and-white portraits using a century-old process via a box camera he created himself. The pictures he produces have an Old World-made-new feel that can only be described as nostalgic, romantic, and unique. Best of all, it’s only ₱3,000 per portrait.

IG: Guava Sketches to book.