Aljur Abrenica on accusations that he cheated on Kylie Padilla

"Yeah. Totoo naman."

This is what actor Aljur Abrenica said in "Toni Talks" after show host Toni Gonzaga asked if it's true that he and Kylie Padilla parted ways because of his infidelity.

"Totoo naman iyon. On my part, oo," he continued. "Ina-admit ko iyon, may pagkakamali ako."

He went on to share how he didn't spend enough time with his family during that time.

"Nawalan ako ng oras," was how he put it.

But Aljur noted that he did try to make up for it but it was too little too late.

"Mahirap siya," he reiterated.

“Hindi na talaga magwo-work... Mare-realize mo na, 'I have to accept this. Hindi na talaga' Kasi ginawa ko na ang lahat. At siya rin ginawa niya rin lahat, in fairness."

The hunk actor maintained the decision to aprt ways was "mutual."

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The two, parents of Alas and Axl, tied the knot in 2018 after an on-and-off seven-year relationship.

In 2021, Kylie revealed that she and Aljur parted ways with finality.

“The decision to end our marriage was hard on me. I believed in making it work eh. But I felt like, for the longest time, I felt alone in the marriage," said Kylie that time in an interview on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

“Yung cheating was just a last straw. Ang daming nangyari. Which is why I can’t say kung ano yung nangyaring yun because I’m trying to protect nga what I can. Mahirap sa akin. But I said: ‘Okay, it’s enough.’"

Prior, Kylie's dad, veteran action star Robin Padilla made public the two's marital woes, revealing that a"third party" was the cause of breakup.

Aljur said he and Kylie agreed on a co-parenting setup.

And they're both happy with their respective partners.

Recall that last Valentine's day when Aljur went Instagram official with sexy actress AJ Raval, who also did the same.

Kylie, meanwhile, has admitted that she's back in the dating game but mum on the identity of her new beau.

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