FASHION PULIS: Boating reputation

Alluring Celebrity (AC) seems to be unable to escape the paparazzi. Even if she does not have any project at the moment, photos of her with various actors resurface. Usually, photos of such nature are thought to be marketing ploys to create controversy for a celebrity to remain in public consciousness. Not in the case of AC, as her new photos emerge in various publications. Sometimes, they create a buzz, but subsequently die out.

Over the years, AC has been seen with a bunch of celebrities, which prompted fans to assume she has an active love life. AC has remained mum on reacting to the posts, that is, she would never deny nor confirm if her heart is already exclusively for someone special.

Behind AC’s social media popularity comes another side, which is a hushed topic in the inner circles. Some claim that AC is working on the side as a yacht girl. Urban dictionaries define a yacht girl as a woman who gives her services to rich men who own yachts. Thus, a yacht girl has access to go onboard the boat to meet her clients.

Perhaps the frequency of her photos with several well-to-do celebrities have indeed prompted the rumor that AC is engaged in the trade.

‘Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what the reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character.’ ― Wayne W. Dyer

Bachelor behavior
When a network actor decided to take the plunge, many were happy that he finally decided to settle down. Friends and family hoped that Ex-Bachelor (EB) finally found his forever. After all, EB has a reputation of a prized catch whose stock is at premium. That is, EB can have any woman he desires given his successful career and handling family issues.

Imagine the shock of a group when they saw EB wearing casual clothes with a sexy woman in a bar. The woman was voluptuous and EB’s hands were on her waist. At that time, EB was very much married and as a public figure, his status was well-known. Seeing EB behave in such a manner raised the onlookers’ eyebrows. First, it was late and second, his stance seemed that of a single man. They wondered if his wife knew about his night escapades and how EB can be so chill knowing he has a wife waiting for him at home.

Fast forward, sometime later, EB and his wife are still together despite rich stories about his giving extra attention to women. Out of respect and EB’s exceptional camaraderie with showbiz colleagues, hardly has EB been called out for his extra-marital behavior.

‘It takes a real man to realize that he made a mistake. But an even better man to try to make things be right again.’ − Unknown

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