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Conquer extreme frontiers of tourism with Intriq Journey’s polar expeditions

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  • The domain for scientific explorations, Antarctica is a great conquest for travelers brave enough to cross the turbulent Drake Passage, kayak past icebergs, and get up close and personal with majestic Humpback whales.

SURREAL LANDSCAPE Welcome to Illulisat, a coastal town in Greenland.jpg
SURREAL LANDSCAPE Welcome to Illulisat, a coastal town in Greenland

Polar exploration is reigning on every discerning traveler’s bucket list with expedition cruises reporting record breaking sales for journeys to Earth’s most extreme destinations. The guest profile for polar travel has now evolved from the older generation to a much younger, affluent crowd seeking adventures of a lifetime. Realizing this potential, bespoke luxury travel designer Intriq Journey is fulfilling the ambitions of intrepid polar explorers with luxury cruise expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctica.

Despite factors, such as global warming impacting Arctic and Antarctic tourism, these destinations have only been visited by a few hundred tourists and continue to inspire intrigue due to the isolation of the polar regions. Intriq Journey’s carefully curated itineraries have been designed for guests to experience the very best of the poles during the comfortable summer season—between June and August in the North Pole and from November to March in the South Pole, when daylight stretches across 24 hours and coastal temperatures may rise above 10 degrees Celsius.

The northern hemisphere is home to over 21,000 unique flora and fauna species that have adapted to this harsh and seemingly inhospitable environment. Check out these Arctic itineraries.

12/11 Days Spitsbergen Explorer

This winter wonderland adventure cruise in partnership with Quark Expeditions (Ultramarine),  Silversea (Silver Wind), and EYOS Expeditions (Nansen Explorer) for guests to hike the tundra, explore the polar desert, glaciers, and fjords while keeping an eye out for iconic Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, walruses, and reindeers. Guests may also opt for a luxury private yacht experience for nature expeditions within the land and sea of Svalbard.

14 Days Greenland Essentials

This is a two-week cruise along the icy waters of East, South, and West Greenland, in partnership with Quark Expeditions (Ultramarine), Silversea (Silver Cloud), and Ponant (Le Boreal). Guests will visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of IlulissatIcefjord and Kujataa subarctic farming communities and the Northern Hemisphere’s largest icebergs (Eqi Glacier at Discko Bay) as well as spot wild whales, orcas, seals, and musk oxen while appreciating the beauty of Greenland’s fjords, tundra, and mountain ranges.

16 Days The Ultimate Arctic Adventure

Be among the few people to stand on top of the world at the North Pole. Sail through the heart of the ice floe and be captivated by creatures such as the northern fulmars and ivory gulls that live in this silent and surreal world. The adventure begins on Ponant’s Le Commandant Charcot, the first luxury hybrid electric polar expedition ship and epitome of responsible, sustainable sailing.

Head south for the ultimate expeditions in the “White Continent.” The domain for scientific explorations, Antarctica is a great conquest for travelers brave enough to cross the turbulent Drake Passage, kayak past icebergs, and get up close and personal with majestic Humpback whales. Check out these Antarctic itineraries.

POLAR EXPEDITIONS Emperor Penguin colony at Snow Hill.jpg <>POLAR EXPEDITIONS Emperor Penguin colony at Snow Hill

8 Days Antarctica Fly-Cruise

Take a chartered flight to cross the Drake Passage by air before embarking on an expedition of Chile’s Punta Arenas, the Antarctic Peninsula, and South Shetland Islands. Cruise options include the Magellan Explorer by Antarctica 21, World Explorer by Quark Expeditions, Silver Endeavour by Silversea, and Hanse Explorer by EYOS Expeditions for insight excursions paired with luxurious accommodations.

11 Days Antarctica Immersion

Sojourn into the untouched Seventh Continent with experience few have witnessed such as a visit to historic sites and active science bases. Learn about the animals that call the ice-filled fjords home by expert naturalists onboard ice-classed ships by Quark Expeditions (World Explorer and Ultramarine), Silversea (Silver Cloudand Silver Endeavour), and Scenic (Scenic Eclipse).

20 Days Epic Antarctica

This is a true immersion of the Falklands with discoveries to be made about the history and cultures across South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Visit the King Penguins, the world’s most famous and second largest penguin species and witness the miracle of time as chicks hatch and hungry Humpback whales return home to the icy waters from across the globe. Nestle into comfortable cruises such as the Silversea’s Silver Cloud and Silver Endeavour, and Quark Expeditions’ Ocean Adventurer, World Explorer, Ocean Diamond, and Ultramarine. Guests will also get to embark on voyages by famed explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

“The austere beauty of polar expeditions has resulted in unprecedented demand for expedition cruises. As our guests become more sophisticated in their travel preferences, there is a visible shift from old icebreakers for wildlife cruising to recent appreciation for luxury cruise ships that glide through the polar icecap and fjords effortlessly while delivering modern comforts,” said Intriq Journey’s chairperson, Chang ThengHwee. “Our partnerships with polar experts allow us to design unique experiences that offer intimate and in-depth explorations of these surreal landscapes. Together with luxurious cruises supported by an attentive concierge team, a polar expedition is truly an unforgettable travel experience that will withstand the test of time.”

Until May 31, travelers who book a White Desert adventure through Intriq Journey will enjoy an exclusive four days/three nigths journey in South Africa’s scenic capital of Cape Town. www.intriqjourney.com.