Gigi de Lana reacts to backlash over new tattoo

Singer Gigi de Lana is being criticized for getting inked anew.

On Facebook, she reminded followers, "Just because I got a tattoo, again. A lot of people have judged my skin, my passion, and my heart. Some of them have good comments. But most of them are like: 'She’s dirty now.' Please, don't judge. Lalo na you will never know the real whole story behind it."

Gigi reiterated she's still very much her old self.

Though she cleared: "But not the facade of the girl before."

"Just because I have a lot of tattoos does not mean I’m a bad person," she noted, adding: "I’m just different now. I’m stronger, I’m bolder, I’m more confident, And as much as I can, I don’t judge. And I grow every day."

Gigi then encouraged netizens to just love one another.

"And stop controlling things that you cannot control."

Note that among the negative comments she got include:

"I just hate tattoos on pretty women."

"Tattooing skin is an aggressive fashion that brings nothing fancy."

"Why?? Part of your attraction is that you look so clean, pristine & innocent - that is your image/positioning & advantage; with these tattoos, you are moving out of this image and moving into the crowded positioning of most entertainers ; you will lose admirers like me that want to see you clean & pristine. Just be secure in how you look; blings & tattoos are for those who feel lacking!"


The commotion started a few days ago when Gigi uploaded some photos of her getting tattoos.