Of transport strikes and the sad return to online classes


Hello… I am back, dear faithful readers. I missed you all last week but I bow to my editor’s decision to let me cool down before letting me jump into little unknown pools.

OK, now we go back to being less feisty. Although the sudden, unexpected transport strike this Monday to Friday is terribly unfair to commuters, drivers, and so on, it is even more unfair to students.

The schools have informed their employees and students that the week’s worth of classes is to be held online like before. As an education official lamely said, “Sanay na sila (they are used to it).

But just when the country is returning to a semblance of pre-pandemic normal, students are thrust back into talking to each other on a screen!

* * *

We are happy to congratulate our dearest niece, Dr. Maria Antonia Munson Esteban-Habana, Phi 1984, Class 1989, for her role as chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the UP College of Medicine and Philippine General Hospital. May you continue to excel and inspire!

* * *

And now dear patrons, I fear I must leave this installment short.  I am not feeling altogether there as of late and must retire for the moment. Also, there are lots of summer activities coming soon, and I shall switch my hat to that of Lola Deedee for now!