Here are the top searched luxury handbag brands by different age groups in 2022

Millennials surfed the web for Prada pieces while Gen Z went to the internet for Balenciaga

Y2K style reigned supreme in the past year. Looking at the recent runway showcases and brand releases, it seems that our craze for 2000s fashion will continue. If you need any proof of it, high-end consignment and re-commerce site Fashionphile shared its 2022 findings about today’s consumer shopping behavior. Part of its report is the most searched luxury handbag brands by different age groups.

According to its research, Baby Boomers (ages 58-67) went to the internet to find Louis Vuitton handbags. Gen X satiates their hungry for luxury arm candies by searching for Hermes. Millennials surfed the web for Prada, while Gen Z Googled Balenciaga.

One of [Fashionphile’s]( discoveries is how Prada solidified today’s hunt for early aughts accessories with the brand’s reimagination of its 2000s nylon bag by dotting it with rhinestones. Although Birkin bags have always been a beloved piece by women, men are also entering the game when it comes to getting their hands on the much-coveted bag. The website’s report noted that “sales for larger Birkin bags, including the HAC and the Birkin 40, have increased 35 percent,” thanks to male shoppers.

As for the upcoming trends in the handbag department, Fashionphile forecasted “all-you-can-fit oversized bags, crescent-shaped silhouettes, geometric patterns, and Y2K multicolor hits.” Think of the Fendigraphy hobo bag, Quilted Chanel 22, Louis Vuitton’s Multicolor Speedy, Balenciaga's Le Cagole shoulder bag, and Prada's Symbole tote, among others.

So during your next closet cleanup, take our advice and keep your current designer handbags. Who knows? Maybe your latest purchase will be the it item again in the coming years.

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