The Grand Midori Ortigas, sanctuary of Zen in a CBD, prepares to launch second tower

It features two towers with units ranging from studio to three-bedroom units, all packed with limitless possibilities, meant to enhance the lifestyle of those living in the city

We always have an impression that city living is a fast-paced, mind-numbing experience, filled with deadlines, rushing from one place to another (often disrupted by heavy traffic), and total lack of time to pursue hobbies or moments of relaxation. While this scenario may be true in some instances, it is not always the case as there are condo developments in the city that offer serenity the moment you enter their doors. One of these is even located within a central business district (CBD) and it is called The Grand Midori Ortigas.

An upscale condo project of premier developer Federal Land, The Grand Midori Ortigas is preparing to launch its second tower. It is a sought-after address offering a Zen-inspired city lifestyle. Zen, which emphasizes simplicity and mindfulness, brings harmony and serenity in the hearts and minds of its dwellers. World-renowned Japanese architecture firm Tange Associates designed The Grand Midori Ortigas with well-curated materials, elegant interiors, and Japanese-inspired spaces—a showcase of how city living can be transformed by intentional design.

The Grand Midori Ortigas TWO TOWER FACADE.jpg
The Grand Midori Ortigas in Ortigas Center.

The Grand Midori Ortigas features two towers with units ranging from studio to three-bedroom units, all packed with limitless possibilities, meant to enhance the lifestyle of families and professionals living in the city.

“One of the unique features of The Grand Midori Ortigas is its Japanese-inspired design. It is infused with Japanese aesthetics and elements, such as minimalist interiors, use of natural materials, and Zen-inspired serene gardens,” said Ar. Gilbert Berba, head of Urban Planning and Design Group at Federal Land. “There is also respect in the use of resources—with wood and stone as part of the design. We also ensured natural light and ventilation in common spaces to make the property more energy efficient and eco-friendly.”

The Grand Midori Ortigas JACUZZI.jpg
Artist’s perspective of The Grand Midori Ortigas Jacuzzi.

Zen living in the heart of Ortigas Center
Part of the perks of living in this project is the location. It is strategically situated in the heart of Ortigas Center, which offers access to commercial and recreational establishments such as malls, restaurants, wellness centers, and other places for leisure. It also lends access to various transportation hubs, allowing you to easily travel to other parts of Metro Manila.

The Grand Midori Ortigas Studio.jpg
Studio unit at The Grand Midori Ortigas.

“Unit owners will be delighted to know that they will reside in an address that brings them closer life’s essential destinations such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, parks. They don’t have to travel far to enjoy urban conveniences or to waste so much time in traffic just to do errands or simply have a good time,” said Ar. Berba.

The Grand Midori Ortigas  ZEN GARDEN DAY.jpg
Artist’s perspective of the Zen garden at The Grand Midori Ortigas.

Space that adapts to your lifestyle
To give the luxury and freedom of space to residents, The Grand Midori Ortigas also offers to a limited few, a batch of special units called “Flex Suites.” These are 64-square-meter one-bedroom units that were designed specifically for those who want a space that responds and expands to their needs.

“We have created the ‘Flex Suites’ for those who want to make the most of living within Ortigas—those whose lives revolve around working and relaxing in this vibrant district 24/7. They are the ones who know the value of living here as they begin to reach their dreams, start a new family, or even those who are now rising in the corporate world,” added Ar. Berba.

As a primary feature, the one-bedroom Flex Suite is geared toward young professionals or couples who want more condo space—space for activities such as home workouts, small get-togethers, and even work-at-home sessions. The unit has a built-in glass partition that can quickly create a flex space or an extra room, whenever needed.  Since there is enough space at 64 square meters, unit owners can also convert it to a second bedroom.

Tucked in parts of the towers that don’t directly get hit by sunlight, the Flex Suites are also near pool (low level units), which lessens the noise from the traffic below. As for views, residents are provided a pool view or unobstructed views of the BGC and Makati skyline (high zone units).

Aside from the Zen-inspired gardens, there are amenities within the development that make living easier and more convenient, such as the fitness center, swimming pool with a separate kiddie pool, Jacuzzi, children’s play area, yoga room, function rooms, a roof deck, among others.

The Grand Midori Ortigas STUDY AREA.jpg
Study area of The Grand Midori Ortigas.

This Zen lifestyle is not only a dream but a reality and in fact, is within reach as The Grand Midori Ortigas offers its second tower. The second tower features all the best that the first tower will have, plus the project’s accessibility and investment value. Again, home seekers have to get ahead as the success of the first tower is boosting the profile and viability of The Grand Midori Ortigas to more buyers, investors, and professionals.

To know more about how you can achieve a balanced lifestyle—and elevated living—in the heart of Ortigas, visit, email, or call (632) 7796 7253 to book a private viewing.