Why Okubo wants to replace desk officers in NCR police stations with female cops

When newly-installed Metro Manila police chief Maj. Gen. Edgar Alan Okubo ordered a review on how male police officers perform as desk officers, he was not quite happy and satisfied with the result.

Based on the result of the study, Okubo said male officers have the tendency to be grumpy and impatience in dealing with the complainants who seek the assistance of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

“As public servants, our kababayan should feel safe, comfortable and should feel the care of our personnel especially the moment they step into the police stations,” Okubo told the Manila Bulletin in an interview.

He wants to try something new based on observation and assessment as one of the ways of overhauling the concept of the police service.

As such, Okubo said they will tap female police officers as desk officers, first in major police stations in Metro Manila.

In practice, desk officers in police stations receive visitors and complainants and are tasked to record complaints and coordinate them with the units concerned for action.

And for Okubo, this is an integral part of the police service since desk officers serve as the face of the Philippine National and plays a key role in building a good first impression on the police that eventually leads to winning the trust and confidence of the public.

New name

From desk officers, Okubo said he prefers calling them as police customers relations officers and he said the initial implementation would be in the first week of April.

“They should be trained first and right now, we are preparing the training programs that include handling big number of complainants as well as proper coordination with the units concerned,” said Okubo.

He explained that based on the observation and assessment, female police officers have the tendency to be patient and show genuine care on the concerns towards the people, and in the case of the police as public service, towards the people the police serve and protect, especially the complainants.

“They tend to be patient and caring and generally show a mother’s love. That’s what we want to implement and that’s what we want to show to the public what police service really is,” said Okubo.

After the complainants are received, Okubo said the female police customers relations officers will be trained in coordination with the units concerned in order to expedite the police actions.

“With this, we believe that there will be a good connection between the police and the complainant,” said Okubo.


The official explained that the NCRPO has a sufficient number of female police officers where they could source those who would be tapped to be police customers relations officers, noting that the PNP allocates at least 10 percent of the quota for females.

Male officers that would be replaced, according to Okubo, will be deployed in the field in order to maximize the police presence on the streets and the communities in Metro Manila.