Social media has resulted in disregarding privacy and not thinking of potential consequences as long as likes and engagement are achieved. After all, engagement is necessary for a site’s mileage.

Thus, when pictures of controversial celebrities suddenly get posted in pages other than theirs, netizens will strongly react. Comments become uncontrollable even if netizens do not have the context of the said posts. They will not mince words, which are mean. Either such posts were intended or carelessly posted.

Sometime ago, Controversial Personality (CP) uploaded a photo with Distraught Figure (DF). Netizens did not let the post pass and CP and DF were subjected to all sorts of comments. Damage control had to be done.

However, CP might not be as innocent if Celebrity Wife (CW) is believed. CW caught CP sliding a direct message to Her Husband (HH). Immediately, CW shut down any possible engagement between HH and CP. CW apparently protected what was hers.

‘What’s mine is mine, you gonna have to find yours.’ − Unknown

Tired of waiting

When Handsome Personality (HP) was introduced to Diligent Actress (DA), the two hit it off. As soon as the relationship was made public, many supported the two. Showbiz friends and family showed no animosity and the two continued their relationship without major issues.

Over time, HP and DA shared photos showing they were very much in love. Meanwhile, DA continued with her career and HP was seen as a supportive partner for allowing her to grow as an actress. HP nurtured his own path as well. Supporters hoped the two would tie the knot as they have been together for a while.

Alas, such a notion became bleak and might no longer happen. Followers noticed the absence of HP in social media accounts of DA. They took it as a sign that the two have broken up. Neither HP nor DA dignified the separation rumor until the cliché, ‘actions speak louder than words’, took over.

The passage of time lessened the curiosity over why the relationship ended. The two had already moved on. However, sources claimed DA had a good reason for ending the relationship. She was living on a ‘mistress’ status given that HP allegedly had not even filed for annulment. DA probably could no longer wait for the day HP is declared single by law. Rather than continue waiting, perhaps DA thought it best to be free and not be boxed in waiting for something that might not happen at all. Love has boundaries.

‘Nothing hurts more than waiting since I don't even know what I'm waiting for anymore.’ – Unknown

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