Guanzon taunts critics: 'Inggit kayo? Wala kayong People Power celebration'

P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon continues to engage her critics in a war of words on the subject of the EDSA 1986 People Power revolution, the 37th anniversary of which was recently celebrated.

P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon (Facebook)

Calling her critics "pulangaws", Guanzon taunted them on Twitter by claiming that they were envious of those who celebrated the anniversary of the bloodless revolution that led to the ouster of the late former president Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.

"Mga pulangaw,inggit kayo no? Wala kayong  People Power celebration. Hindi kayo kasali (Pulangaws, you're envious aren't you? You don't have a People Power celebration. You don't have a place here). You have no place in history. Nada.  #PeoplePower," she wrote on Sunday, Feb. 26.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, the 37th anniversary of the People Power revolution was commemro

Guanzon, a former Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner, insisted in a separate tweet that People Power wasn't a failure.

"People Power was not a failure. You 31M pulangaw ang failure. You are proof of the failure of our education system and electoral system.#PeoplePower," she added.

A day earlier, Guanzon claimed that the Philippines would have been severely bankrupt as a nation if not for People Power.

The son of the late Marcos Sr., Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., ran for president and won during the May 2022 polls. He amassed 31 million votes en route to a historic majority vote victory.