Gabriela joins global call for help: Provide ‘urgent aid’ to Turkiye-Syria quake victims

Women’s group Gabriela on Monday afternoon, Feb. 13 has joined the global call for the urgent provision of “support and aid” to individuals affected by the destructive Turkiye-Syria earthquake.

This aerial view shows collapsed buildings during the ongoing rescue operation in Kahramanmaras, the epicentre of the first 7.8-magnitude tremor, in southeastern Turkey. (OZAN KOSE / AFP)

In a statement, the alliance of Filipino women stressed that with the ongoing aid crisis, the assistance being delivered to the victims may be insufficient.

“Many have extended aid to disaster-stricken communities, but these remain meager in the face of massive destruction and casualty in southern and northern Syria,” said Gabriela.

Along with its call for help, the alliance stressed the need of helping women, children, and other marginalized sectors “whose needs are usually overlooked,” highlighting that these groups are the “most “vulnerable” to abuse and rights violations in every disaster.

Not only did the group call for immediate relief, it also hit the Turkish and Syrian government for their alleged “inefficient preparation” and “slow response” to the calamity.

“These are significant contributors to the extent of loss and damages in quake-hit areas,” it said.

The catastrophic seismic event occurred on Monday, Feb. 6, 2023.