This skincare line empowers athletes and fitness enthusiasts

There's no better time to prioritize skin health

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Cetaphil Ultra Protect successfully concluded its second year of the Level Up Series with a heart-pounding football match between Luntian Football Club and Underground Football Club at Club United. The electrifying game showcased the dedication and resilience of both teams, providing a thrilling spectacle for fans in attendance.

In a hard-fought battle on the pitch, Luntian FC and Underground FC went head-to-head, scoring equal before the break. The second half saw Luntian FC pulling ahead with three impressive goals, but Underground FC mounted a fierce comeback, scoring two goals before the final whistle. In the end, Luntian emerged victorious, highlighting the spirit of competition and sportsmanship.

The football match served as a prime example of how Cetaphil empowers athletes and fitness enthusiasts to prioritize skin health. Cetaphil Ultra Protect, the featured product of the Level Up Series, is an antimicrobial cleansing bar that goes beyond cleanliness. It kills 99.9 percent of germs while providing optimal hydration and intense moisturization through its innovative 3D Derma Mimic Technology, which helps protect the skin barrier and ideal for frequent use.


Level up with Cetaphil
The Level Up Series, created by Cetaphil, advocates the importance of holistic self-care, emphasizing healthy skin as a crucial aspect of overall well-being. The event celebrated the idea that your skin is your first line of defense against germs, underscoring the necessity of keeping your skin as fit as your body.

The Level Up Series unfolded with various fitness events, starting with a dynamic session at Manila Padel Club, where fitness enthusiasts sweated and strength-trained under the sun. Despite the heat, Cetaphil Ultra Protect provided essential protection for the skin, enhancing the workout experience for all attendees.

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Subsequent events included a combination of training and rowing at Saddle Row, an invigorating boxing workout at Ultraboxx, and a calming yet intense workout at Ultra Lagree, featuring the use of mega-former machines. The series concluded with a challenging workout at Bare Manila, encompassing everything from treadmill running to weightlifting. Guests, fully immersed in their fitness journey, enjoyed cleansing and revitalizing their skin with Cetaphil Ultra Protect.

The Level Up Series served as a reminder that Cetaphil Ultra Protect is the ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive germ protection and intense yet gentle skin hydration. As the 2023 Level Up Series comes to a close, Cetaphil reinforces its commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, encouraging individuals to prioritize both their physical fitness and the well-being of their skin.

About Cetaphil: Cetaphil, a brand under Galderma, is a global leader in sensitive skin care solutions. With a strong commitment to dermatologist-recommended products and a deep understanding of sensitive skin science, Cetaphil strives to provide complete care for all sensitive skin care needs. Through continuous innovation and scientific research, Cetaphil remains at the forefront of the skin care industry, empowering individuals to achieve healthier skin. For more information, please visit