READ: Erik Matti, the father of Philippine horror movies, reveals his favorite horror films

Erik Matti, famous for his mastery in crafting spine-chilling stories, shared his personal selection of favorite horror movies

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Erik Matti

The end of Halloween doesn't mark the conclusion of the spooky season. We had a conversation with film icon Erik Matti, and he provided us with a list of his favorite horror movies.

If you're looking for excellent recommendations for scary movies, one of the best sources is Erik, known for his works such as "Pa-siyam," "On the Job," "Honor Thy Father," "Seklusyon," and "BuyBust."

Erik, one of the Philippines’ most celebrated filmmakers, believes that Philippine horror films are truly anchored in the supernatural, mystical, spiritual, and metaphysical, unlike Western horror films where, if anything unexplained happens, there will always be an effort to find a scientific reason for that moment. 

“I was telling someone earlier that it's really hard to do an urban horror as a Filipino horror story, because there’s nothing that matches the intensity of shooting it on the countryside, where houses are far apart, you have empty streets, and when the winds hits the 'talahib.' It gives an eerie feeling, the sound is different, may it be in the seaside or in the mountain side.” Erik shared to Manila Bulletin, during a Halloween event at Palacio de Memoria.

Matti, famous for his mastery of crafting spine-chilling stories, shared his personal selection of favorite horror movies, offering a unique perspective that will captivate both fans and enthusiasts of the genre.

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1.  Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski 

When asked to name his favorite movie, Matti told us about the Roman Polanski 1968 horror movie. “I may sound cliché but 'Rosemary’s Baby' is one.” The film stars Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes. It is about a woman who might be pregnant with the devil’s spawn.

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2. The Shining by Stanley Kubrick

Next on his favorite list is not just the supernatural; it's a mix of psychosis and perhaps cabin fever in "The Shining," directed by Stanley Kubrick. This psychological horror film centers around the Torrance family staying in a remote hotel. Matti shares that the movie is even scarier because the family lives in a huge hotel with small nooks and crannies. "You don’t know what's in store for you, especially considering that the hotel is Indian reserved prior to this."

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3. The Thing by John Carpenter

Last but not least, one of Matti’s favorite horror movies is John Carpenter's "The Thing." It's the story of a group of American researchers in Antarctica who find themselves trapped indoors due to a blizzard outside, with a vicious creature. “It's another cabin story, as it's about an unknown creature or virus that breeds into becoming a creature in a military installation,” Matti shares. “The scary part is that you don't know who or where it goes; once it comes out, it moves to another person. And, of course, there's another version of it, 'Alien' by Ridley Scott, which is also as good.”