Manila Anti-drug Abuse Office conducts fitness activity to promote drug-free city

The Manila Anti-Drug Abuse Office (MADAO) together with Manila City Jail Male Dorm (MCJMD) conducted a dance fitness activity on Thursday, Nov. 16, as part of its promotion of drug-free Manila during Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week.


MADAO focal person Alma C. Galvez said that the fitness activity was part of the city government's effort to create a healthier and drug-free community in the city.

The activity not only showcased the joy of dancing but also deepened the partnership among the personnel in the ongoing battle against drug abuse.

It also showed the impact of collaboration, unity of purpose, and a shared commitment to achieving and creating a strong and drug-resistant environment.

“As the dance floor lit up with energy and enthusiasm, it symbolized the collective dedication of MADAO and MCJMD to a drug-free Manila. Hats off to this collaborative effort, showcasing the strength of their partnership and shared vision for a healthier and safer community. Let's keep dancing towards a brighter, drug-free future!,” MADAO.