Eric Fructuoso reveals past relationship with Toni Gonzaga

Wonder if Paul Soriano actually knows about this.

Just recently, a video of actor Eric Fructuoso trended on social media.

It was from his appearance on the cooking show "Sarap 'Di Ba."

There he was grilled not unlike a tuna by show host Carmina Villaroel.

Asked if he have had a relationship prior with Toni Gonzaga, Eric hesitated saying, "hindi ko inexpect yun ah..." before eventually answering, "oo, meron."


He would go on to reveal that the relationship lasted roughly almost three years, this, including the bit where they were not so serious about it up until there was err, "commitment," whatever that means.

The former Gwapings member maintained his relationship with Toni happened after his relationship with Claudine Barretto had already ended.

Asked what caused the termination of both, he said, "nagising sila sa katotohanan." 

As of this writing, the video has already earned over 160,000 views on TikTok.