LOOK: Tiktok’s trending Desire Perfume Lotion and Deo Spray now has Quelch Underarm Deo Cream

Best used together for that #AmoyBabyPatiKilikili


Everyone loves the smell of baby fresh scent. Even adults can’t get enough of it—be it smelling this scent on babies or even on them. No wonder BW Women Desire Perfume Lotion and Deo Spray have been flying off the racks, thanks to its #AmoyBaby scent.

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This TikTok sensation has inspired BW WOMEN to introduce a new addition to Desire collection—the Desire Quelch Underarm Deo Cream. Enriched with kojic acid and glutathione, this cream promises all-day confidence. Kojic acid addresses hyperpigmentation caused by shaving, friction, or pigmentation irregularities, while glutathione works to deliver smoother, more supple, and soft underarm skin. Together, they contribute to a brighter and more even skin tone.

Best of all, it is infused with the same fragrance oil as Desire Perfume Lotion and Deo Spray, making it the perfect trio set to use daily. And compared to other underarm creams out in the market, Desire Quelch Underarm Deo Cream is sold at a more affordable price of P195 for the 60 gram bottle versus purchasing two separate products to achieve brighter and smoother skin from other brands.

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The inclusive scent also works for all genders and ages. Those who have a busy and active lifestyle will find the BW Women Desire Quelch Underarm Deo Cream even more effective with its long-lasting scent, providing a relaxing sensorial experience upon application.. achieving overall wellness to keep you going all day long.

This is because BW Women Desire Quelch Underarm Deo Cream, unlike most deos that are out in the market, provides all-day freshness and protection against odors while taking care of the skin with kojic acid and glutathione. It really is the only deo cream one will ever need for that blend of freshness, skincare, and confidence for all day #AmoyBabyPatiKiliKili.