K-pop star Chanyeol, Ever Bilena’s first male brand ambassador, says ‘beauty is for everyone’

For K-pop star and actor Park Chanyeol, “beauty is for everyone.” 

Chanyeol is the first male and first international brand ambassador of leading local makeup line Ever Bilena.

Ever Bilena is also Chanyeol’s first time to become an ambassador of a cosmetics line. 

To celebrate the milestone and partnership, Chanyeol flew to Manila and held his “Chanyeol for Ever Bilena Fun Meet in Manila” on Oct. 1 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall. 




Ever Bilena brand ambassador and K-pop star Chanyeol at his press conference in Manila on Oct. 1 (Jonathan Hicap)


Ever Bilena brand ambassador and K-pop star Chanyeol Denice Sy, Ever Bilena chief sales and marketing officer, and Silliman Sy, Every Bilena chief operating officer, at his press conference in Manila on Oct. 1 (Jonathan Hicap)Chanyeol30.jpg

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Ever Bilena brand ambassador and K-pop star Chanyeol at his press conference in Manila on Oct. 1 (Jonathan Hicap)

The venue for the fan meeting was full that at the end of the event, Chanyeol described it as the “best night I have ever had.” 

Chanyeol (찬열) debuted in K-pop idol group EXO in 2012 and has branched out into acting. 

Before the fan meeting, Chanyeol held a press conference as Ever Bilena brand ambassador at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. 

Chanyeol said he was happy to be back in the Philippines. 

“So first of all I'm really happy that I'm here in Manila and I'm now facing everyone of you here. I arrived here in Manila yesterday and I had really good food. I really had a good experience so far and even the weather was really nice so I really enjoyed my stay here in Manila so far,” he said. 

He was visibly happy and excited to assume the role of a brand ambassador for Ever Bilena.  

“So it is Ever Bilena’s first male brand ambassador. It is Ever Bilena’s first experience to have a male brand ambassador but personally it is also my first experience to be an ambassador of a cosmetics line so I think for both of us, this would be a very good experience,” he said. 











Ever Bilena brand ambassador and K-pop star Chanyeol at his press conference in Manila on Oct. 1 (Jonathan Hicap)

For its campaign, Ever Bilena has used the hashtag #ForEveryBeauty and Chanyeol couldn’t agree more. 

“I think the hashtag ‘For Every Beauty’ means that beauty is for everyone. We are all capable of creating beauty within ourselves and with the help of Ever Bilena, there are beauty products for each one of us,” he explained. 

Asked to define beauty, he said, “Beauty I think this is a very difficult question but I think, I find something beautiful or beauty for me means the original color of a person.”  

“Even from the people around me they see me as a person who's very transparent, very honest so I think having this honesty having this genuineness as a person really shows the real beauty of someone,” he said.  

Chanyeol said when he arrived in Manila, he was amazed when he saw the huge Ever Bilena billboards bearing his face. 

‘The first is when I came here in Manila and I was traveling around Manila, I saw my face super huge on ads.  So I was very amazed that my face was really exposed and publicized here in the Philippines in very, very big size,” he said. 

As brand ambassador, he said, people can expect more collaborations with Ever Bilena in the future. 

“And I am very very grateful that through Ever Bilena, we are having this press conference and this kind of events and, of course, furthermore, like moving forward, we would also have different collaborations, different partnerships in the future so I'm very excited about that too,” he added. 

When asked to choose his favorite Ever Bilena product, Chanyeol said, “I cannot choose.” 

He said, “But if I really need to choose only one, my choice is the serum tinted lip balm.  So the things, the reasons why my favorite is the serum tinted lip balm is because it's really easy to carry around. It fits well because the size is really small. It fits well in my bag, any kind of bag, so that's my favorite part of this product.”  

According to Chanyeol, he was initially worried if his face would fit Ever Bilena products. 

“It's my first time to be a male ambassador solo so I'm very excited. So my biggest worry or the biggest, the major thing that I was worried about was the collaboration between my face and the Ever Bilena products. But when we were doing the shooting, it was really nice, it was really fun and I really think my face fits Ever Bilena products,” he said. 










Ever Bilena brand ambassador and K-pop star Chanyeol at his press conference in Manila on Oct. 1 (Jonathan Hicap)

When he was in middle school, Chanyeol studied English in the Philippines and revealed that he considered staying in the country. 

“Everyday,” he said 

He added, “I think I've already mentioned this before even before this interview, my first foreign country to visit was the Philippines. When I was in middle school, during our vacation, I came to to the Philippines for a short term study program for English and so I have a lot of memories here and it really makes me feel comfortable whenever I come here to the Philippines.”  

If he was given the chance to spent a day with fans, Chanyeol said he would opt to go to an island with them. 

“The first idea that came into my mind is to go to an island where there are no people, only us. And when we're there,  it's going to be very chill, very free and we would go to the beach, we would go to swim at sea and we would enjoy the food. I think that's the most ideal day with fans that I have in mind right now,” he said. 

During the press conference, Denice Sy, Ever Bilena chief sales and marketing officer, and Silliman Sy, Every Bilena chief operating officer, welcomed Chanyeol. 

Fun Meet 

The PICC was packed with fans for Chanyeol’s fan meeting for Ever Bilena. He opened the event by performing the song “Nothin.’” 

“Magandang gabi (good evening). Long time no see,” he told the crowd. 

Through the Fun Meet, Chanyeol got reunited with his fans. 

“First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of the Fun Meet with Ever Bilena. I really, really love the Philippines, “ he said. 














Ever Bilena brand ambassador and K-pop star Chanyeol at his Fun Meet on Oct. 1 (Jonathan Hicap)

He said originally, he was not requested to sing but he volunteered for the event. Chanyeol also performed the song “Hawak Kamay” by Yeng Constantino. 

“I was really looking forward to today. It is my first time seeing these many Filipinos by myself. I am very happy today,” said Chanyeol. 

To be chosen as the brand ambassador of Ever Bilena, he said, “I was really surprised because I was able to realize how much love the Filipino fans still have for me.” 

During the fan meeting, Chanyeol also played games including the Tongue Twister Challenge. He also personally decorated Ever Bilena gift boxes for the fans.  A fan video for Chanyeol was also shown. 

As the Fun Meet wrapped up, Chanyeol said, “I have mixed emotions right now. Very many emotions. But the biggest feeling that I have right now is I want to live a better life from now on.” 

“But watching this video, you made me realize that my existence itself gives you a lot of strength. So I had this determination that I cannot live without trying my best or trying harder. The only engine I have to be on this stage to do any of these things that I’m doing is because of you. 

“Today we had this very precious time in the Philippines together with Ever Bilena. To all the EXO-Ls that are here tonight, and to all EXO-Ls around the world, for all of you, I will really do my best and really work harder to be your pride because you guys are my pride,” he said. 

Chanyeol added, “It’s really my honest reflection of tonight. I really wanted to be this great person, great artist that can give you happiness and satisfaction. I’m really overjoyed tonight. I’m really extremely happy tonight. And I’m also sincerely grateful to Ever Bilena to have made this special night. I can really say that this is the best night I’ve ever had.”