Ella V. shares glowing skin secrets

Ella V.

Most of us may remember Ella V. back in the 2000s as a member of the iconic group Viva Hotbabes. Fast forward to the events after her stint in showbiz, Ella eventually wanted to settle down and find a stable and rewarding career. The opportunity opened in the US but this jump was not at all easy for Ella.

Ella made huge adjustments and learned that if she wants to thrive, she must keep on working hard and get out of her comfort zone. She has been in the home care industry for more than 10 years and it's fulfilling how she gets attached to her clients especially knowing that it is not just a job but an opportunity to help someone in need.

Though her home care business became successfully stable, this did not stop Ella from entering another business venture.

In 2020, Ella pursued her passion for “self-care” and personal beauty and formed VGlow Beauty Bar and VGlow Skincare. At the height of the pandemic, she realized that we don't need machines to help our skin glow. In fact, we should not be using machines that damage our skin cells while trying to help it heal faster or look better.

With everything closed, she decided to research on a skin care product line for her personal use. This started a new mind set for Ella. She found out that there are so many different products that are not natural. Most contain chemicals that burn and irritate your skin.

She wanted to work with organic and natural ingredients to create products that work fast. And so VGlow Skin was born, it is naturally derived and has O2 plasma that uses the most potent and effective components available to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

VGlow Skincare Marketing, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Esthemax professional-use cosmetic products including the bestselling Esthemax Hydrojelly Mask. Esthemax Philippines is the sixth distributor in the Asian region and will soon be a trademark under USA HQ.

And what’s next with VGlow? They are expanding their clientele by introducing their products to skin care professionals. In line with this, they are bringing to Manila, “Opulence in a Facial,” the ultimate skin care symposium at the Seda BGC in Taguig City on Feb. 9, at 4 pm, with renowned guest speaker Dr. Maika Slatensek.

Here, VGlow will share to prominent doctors their breakthroughs on the benefits of the VGlow product line so that they can recommend and inform patients about the best, latest and effective skin care treatments.