This Fujidenzo Multi-Door Ref is your next smart kitchen upgrade

People want to upgrade their lives, and this can be done by buying new clothes, furniture, gadgets, and even appliances. But have you ever had an upgrade that made you feel like you got a good deal and made a wise decision?

You may not have considered upgrading some of your appliances because they are still in good working condition. Many homeowners are hesitant to replace their old units due to concerns about electric consumption and cost. However, old appliances, particularly those that you use frequently, can consume high electricity over time. 

One hardworking appliance that we have at home is the refrigerator. Since more and more people nowadays prefer home cooking, reliable food storage has become a must-have in every kitchen.

Good thing, Fujidenzo Appliances, a trusted appliance brand for home and business, has got you covered with its 15 cu. ft. HD Inverter Multi-door No-Frost Refrigerator IFR-15SS.

Let’s take a peek at what's in this Fujidenzo ref that makes it a smart choice for a kitchen upgrade!

Energy-efficient choice for your home

With the Philippines having one of the most expensive electricity rates in Asia, the majority of Filipinos prioritize energy efficiency when buying appliances. You won't be disappointed when you receive your next electricity bill because this multi-door ref is equipped with Heavy Duty Inverter Technology. This feature lets you save up to 60 percent energy while cooling your food supplies in the fastest time possible through the Quick Freeze and Quick Chill features.

Additionally, its four-door design makes room for more storage and easily saves energy, as it gives you the option to just open your desired compartment to prevent cold air from coming out. This keeps the fridge from working hard to maintain the coldness inside.

Ultimately Functional and Convenient to Use

You are sure to get your money’s worth because this product is jam-packed with features that bring functionality and convenience to every kitchen. It has an Independent Temperature Control that lets you separately adjust the temperature for the freezer and chiller sections depending on what you desire. It’s also built with a Digital Temperature Control with an LCD Display that allows you to easily monitor the cooling level inside.

And the best part is that you can skip the hassle of manual defrosting because the Fujidenzo IFR-15SS is designed with No-Frost Technology.

Perfect Fit for Your Kitchen

This Fujidenzo multi-door ref can offer so much more than maximum energy efficiency and convenience; it enables you to level up the safety, durability, and look of your kitchen as well. It comes with Vacation Mode and Child Lock features to avoid energy waste and accidental setting changes. Its Stainless Steel Textured Body ensures that the appliance is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Low-maintenance and stylishly designed, you’d be grateful to have the Fujidenzo IFR-15SS during the busiest days. Its Spill-Proof Tempered Glass Shelves and Eco-LED Lights allow for easy cleaning. The Recessed Handle adds to the ref’s sleek, minimal look — a feature that guests will love when your kitchen turns into a social space.

Backed up by over 500 service centers nationwide, the Fujidenzo IFR-15SS comes with a warranty of two years on parts, one year on service, and five years on the compressor.

If you’re looking for a sign to upgrade your ref at home, then this might be it! Level up your food storage with the Fujidenzo 15 cu. ft. HD Inverter Multi-door No-Frost Refrigerator IFR-15SS. It is also available in 19 cu. ft. capacity with Glass Door finish (IFR-19GD).

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech), Fujidenzo Home & Commercial Appliances is available in all leading appliance stores nationwide.

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