Trina Candaza: 'We lost someone whom I thought will be the man who will always keep us safe...'

Did model-vlogger Trina Candaza throw shade at former partner Carlo Aquino?

This is the question of many following Trina's recent post.

She wrote: "Before leaving 2022, I want to look back and be reminded of all the things that happened to me, to us rather. So I will be reminded of how I braved through it all."

"We lost someone whom I thought will be the man who will always keep us safe, someone who will protect us. But little did I know he will be the one who is very excited to remove us from his life," she added.

Trina is hopeful though, reiterating, "Pero, sa tuwing may nawawala may pumapalit. And looking back, I’ve realized that me and Mithi have been very blessed with the people around us. Providing me support and opportunities."

She then enumerated some of her achievements.

According to her, she got four endorsements, bought their first car, bought herself a bag, opened three new small businesses, and learned how to ride a big bike, freedive, and scuba dive.

"Thank you to all the people who have helped me and Mithi, you know who you are, we love you and we are very grateful for all the help and love," she said. "2022, you are the year that built me."

It was April last year when Carlo finally admitted that he and Trina are no longer together.

They continued to co-parent their baby.

In Trina's vlog for September last year, she reiterated that she and Carlo are “okay” and in constant communication specifically where it concerns their daughter.

From time to time, she said they would go out as a family.

But before 2022 ended, rumor about Carlo supposedly making sweet music with actress Charlie Dizon emerged.