Privacy is a perennial issue for celebrities. Torn between keeping their moments to themselves and connecting with fans by showing their ordinary routine, famous personalities have to make a decision.

How much they show in social media could sometimes backfire as they allow followers to penetrate and criticize their behavior.

Nonetheless, some celebrities manage to strike a balance between updating fans and keeping private matters. For example, several personalities post about their homes in social media. Photos of groundbreaking, construction, and setting up are posted to satisfy the curiosity of followers and in certain instances, to endorse subtly household brands that were used in the home.

When Versatile Celebrity (VC) opened up about moving and staying with Amiable Personality (AP) for a time, the decision was met with positivity. Friends deciding to live with each other saves up on home expenses, such as rent, as well as provide emotional support. VC and AP are open about their life-long friendship.

Allegedly, according to rumors, VC’s move was not really with AP but with Female Friend (FF). AP and FF stay within the same area. Thus, the presence of VC in FF’s home would not make much of a buzz and no one would suspect any romantic entanglement.

‘A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets.’ ― Lauren Oliver

Unimpressive behavior

Whenever celebrities declare a fact about themselves, they become targets for public scrutiny. Even if celebrities say that what they do is their business, they cannot prevent judgment for their actions coming from people who see them.
For Pretty Celebrity (PC), admitting to a life-changing decision gained sympathy from followers. Many were able to connect with PC as she relayed her struggle. Most especially, PC was admired for her reflections and outlook towards the future. Overcoming her major issue exposed her truth. PC’s decision to open up in social media ended speculations on her state of affairs.

Nonetheless, PC’s coming out of her shell made many wonder how she was coping with the changes. After acceptance, PC had to rely on her own mechanisms, which made many believe she was doing well in managing her direction.

Sometime ago, PC was spotted in a popular celebrity hang-out kissing a non-showbiz guy while partying. Kibitzers wondered if PC’s actions were part of her coping mechanisms. Her making out moment in public led to comments that getting touchy-feely with a new man is part of her healing. The alleged scene seemed to have doused the profundity of PC’s insights on moving on, that is, all she needed was to engage in flirtatious behavior with a man.

‘Everyone was a rose but even more complex than a mere flower. Everyone was made up of infinitely layered petals. And everyone had something indescribably precious at the heart of their being. No one was shallow. Not really.’ ― Mary Balogh

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