Disney+ spotlights on K-pop boy band Super Junior’s stellar career

K-pop boy band Super Junior celebrated the 17th anniversary of their debut last Nov. 6.

To mark the group’s 18th anniversary this year, Disney+ has released a new documentary featuring interviews with the members and detailing their history.

The “Super Junior: The Last Man Standing” documentary is available on Disney+

“Super Junior: The Last Man Standing” details the K-pop group’s launch as Super Junior 05, challenges, their rise in popularity and future.

The documentary features interviews with Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

I became a fan of K-pop because of Super Junior. Back in 2007, Filipino singer Charice Pempengco was featured as a guest on the Korean talent search TV show “Star King.”

She sang “And I Am Telling You” and had a “A Whole New World” duet with Super Junior member Kyuhyun.

This piqued my interest in Super Junior, which opened the door for me to become a fan of other K-pop artists. The rest is history.

“When we first debuted, I never planned to do this for 15 years,” said Leeteuk in the Disney+ documentary.

Super Junior are now on their 18th year in the business and they are one of the few K-pop groups that have surpassed 10 years.

In K-pop, many K-pop groups disband or lose their popularity after seven years. But Super Junior have continued their career with success.

The documentary opens with Super Junior’s debut performance on Nov. 6, 2005 on the Korean TV music show “Inkigayo.”

The members talk about how they were recruited including Kyuhyun who was added the following year.

Donghae revealed that he really wanted to debut as “my family was struggling financially. I had to become a singer quickly.”

Members of Super Junior also recounted the harrowing car accidents they experienced, including Heechul who underwent 10 hours of operation.

Super Junior 05 debuted as a project group with the aim of changing members but the plan was ditched and members became permanent.

They also recalled achieving their first ever TV music show win, which is coveted by K-pop artists up to today.

The documentary also discussed how Super Junior’s “Super Show” concert franchise evolved.

Siwon said Super Junior members have lasted until now because of trust and understanding.

“Our biggest motivation to stay together until now and continue to stay together is the mutual respect and consideration that we have for each other. And understanding and trusting one another,” he said.

The “Super Junior: The Last Man Standing” documentary is available on Disney+.