Pinoy pop group BINI on their goals, wishes in 2023 

Since their debut in 2021, Pinoy pop group BINI saw their music grow last year amid fierce competition in the industry.

One of the milestones of their career in 2022 was big jump in their Spotify streams. Based on the year-end Spotify Wrapped, BINI’s streams totaled 7.5 million in 2022, a 400 percent increase from 1.5 million streams recorded in 2021.

P-pop group BINI (Spotify)

“Hindi madaling gumawa ng pangalan at makipag-sabayan sa music industry. Maraming magagaling at mas nauna sa’min (It’s not easy to make a name and to keep up in the industry. There are talented people and those who came before us),” they told Manila Bulletin.

About their Spotify numbers, BINI added, “Sa almost 2 years namin dito sa industry (In our almost two years in the industry), we have been seeing overwhelming progress in what we’ve been achieving as a team.”

“We were surprised because it was a huge gap from last year, and we found out that our songs are not only heard in the Philippines but in 164 countries also. We are incredibly grateful, and we keep on reminding ourselves that there is still much hard work to be done and improvements to make, and we look forward to reaching more listeners and countries this 2023,” they said.

BINI added that “the growth of our music is not just a milestone for BINI, but for the local music scene as well. It’s evident that Filipino music is booming with other local talents charting and more Pinoy fans tuning in to local sounds. We hope that our achievements as a group can also inspire other budding musicians to step into the music scene and share their talent with the world.”

As they embark on a new year, BINI members listed their personal and career wishes for 2023.

AIAH: “I wish for more blessings and guidance for each and everyone especially for us girls who are venturing into a new beginning of living independently. I wish for BINI and Blooms to grow more and prosper so that we can create a big community full of love and support while at the same time sharing to everyone the talent that we have.”

COLET: “Good health, tighter friendship, financial stability, business, and house renovation.”

MALOI: “I have a lot of wishes this year of 2023 but primarily, I wish for a healthy year for BINI. Healthy in our relationship with each other, physically & mentally healthy. I believe if we gain that, it’ll affect everything. We will be able to help not only ourselves but other people too especially our families.”

GWEN: “I wish for a stronger BINI this 2023, improvements, achievements, new learnings and hopefully more blessings and new opportunities for us BINI.”

STACEY: “My wishes for this year is to be more determined and dedicated in our career. I wish that BINI will travel to more countries and I wish that God will always bless us.”

MIKHA: “My wishes for the new year are successful shows for BINI, new Blooms, travel around the world and be better at what i do and improve more.”

JHOANNA: “For this year, my wish is that I can have more investments using my earnings and I hope I can also buy my own car because I am far from my family and transportation is expensive. For BINI, I hope we can produce more songs, be known locally and internationally, and of course more years to come!”

SHEENA: “I wish that 2023 will be filled with blessings and happiness for us BINI and of course for my family too. I hope I can make twice the good and unforgettable memories I made last 2022. I really want to travel to South Korea this year with BINI and hopefully meet my favorite K-Pop groups. Lastly, I want to successfully invest in my family’s apartment that has been running ever since 1998.”

BINI said this year, they want to produce more music and collaborate with local and international artists.

“There is no doubt that P-pop as a music genre has been flourishing in the country and through support from Spotify, we want to produce and share more of our music and hopefully, collaborate with local and even international artists,” they said.

They added, “We are also hoping to see more fellow local talents carving out their own niches and receiving the spotlight they deserve. Maraming grupong lumalabas ngayon pero iisa lang naman ang goal naming lahat (There are many groups coming out but we only have one goal): to introduce Ppop globally.”

“With programs like Spotify’s RADAR and EQUAL, where emerging musicians are given the opportunity to reach more listeners and the global stage, malaki ang maitutulong nila lalo na sa mga baguhan sa industry katulad namin para mas makilala pa (they will be a big help, especially to newcomers in the industry like us, to be known),” they said.

BINI said, “We also look forward to meeting more of our Blooms, especially those that are in the provinces as well as joining school events and festivals. We are really thrilled about these opportunities and we can assure that our fans can expect more from BINI.”