Nam Tae-hyun, ex-member of K-pop boy band Winner, caught drunk driving in Seoul 

Korean singer Nam Tae-hyun, former member of K-pop boy band Winner, was caught drunk driving in Seoul on March 8. 

The Gangnam Police Station revealed that it happened at about 3:20 a.m. Nam Tae-hyun parked his car on a roadside in Gangnam, Seoul, opened the door and hit a taxi passing by. He drove 20 meters after the accident, according to Korean media. 


Korean singer Nam Tae-hyun (Instagram)

It damaged the taxi’s right side mirror. The police arrived at the scene and measured Nam Tae-hyun’s alcohol level, which turned out to be 0.114 percent, enough for his driver’s license to be revoked. 

Under Korea’s Road Traffic Act, “Anyone whose blood alcohol content is not less than 0.1 percent but less than 0.2 percent shall be punished by imprisonment with prison labor for not less than six months but not more than one year or a by fine not less than three million won [about $2,278] but not exceeding five million won [about $3,797].”

The police booked Nam Tae-hyun for drunk driving, a violation under Korea’s Road Traffic Act. Nam Tae-hyun was sent home because he was drunk. 

“We plan to call Nam Tae-hyun again soon to investigate the circumstances of the accident," the police said. 

Nam Tae-hyun debuted in Winner in 2014 but left in 2016. He formed his own band South Club.