Stars of Korean show ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ talk about working together, their chemistry 

“Jinny’s Kitchen,” the anticipated unscripted Korean show starring Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-jun, Choi Woo-shik and BTS’ V, premiered on Prime Video on Feb. 24.

The show features the stars opening and running a Korean street food restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico.

Through Prime Video, Manila Bulletin was able to ask the stars of “Jinny’s Kitchen” ("서진이네") about the show, working together and their chemistry. 

Korean actor Lee Seo-jin, whose drama credits include “Marriage Contract,” “Trap” and “Behind Every Star,” is leading the team in “Jinny’s Kitchen.” 

“Since it was my name on the line, I felt responsible and some pressure that this needed to do well,” he told Manila Bulletin. 

Park Seo-jun, BTS' V and Lee Seo-jin in "Jinny's Kitchen" (Prime Video)
Park Seo-jun in "Jinny's Kitchen" (Prime Video)

He was part of “Youn’s Kitchen,” the forerunner of “Jinny’s Kitchen,” and said the new show will showcase new perspectives from the new members. 

“The name itself is different. We ended up taking on different roles than what we were originally assigned, so that changed things up. Having new members on the team brought in fresh new perspectives that could have only been revealed with the new members,” he said. 

BTS’ V has been added as a new member of the team and this is his first time doing this kind of show. He praised his co-stars for guiding him. 

“First of all, I had really great coworkers. They really looked out for me teaching me everything from A to Z. Which made the filming really easy. I was able to film happily,” said V. 

V likened the chemistry among the stars of the show to how he and other BTS members work together. 

“It’s like how I feel with the other BTS members. Even though we have different personalities, I’ve lived with the other BTS members for so long that we’re like a family. Here too, we’re all different, but it felt like we were family,” he said. 

BTS' V in "Jinny's Kitchen" (Prime Video)

Lee Seo-jin, BTS' V and Park Seo-jun in "Jinny's Kitchen" (Prime Video)

Park Seo-jun and V are close friends and the former said working with V made every day great. 

“The fact that I could work with a close friend made every day a great day. Since we started this show as close friends, even though the work itself was hard, I feel like we took care of each other,” he said. 

Through “Jinny’s Kitchen,” Park Seo-jun, Choi Woo-sik and Jung Yu-mi got reunited. They previously worked together in “Youn’s Stay” in which they operated a “hanok,” a Korean traditional house. 

On their working relationship, Park Seo-jun said, “Of course during business hours, we focus on our work. But outside of work, I think people can see how relaxed we are together based on how we communicate and speak.” 

“Since we don’t feel any awkwardness, I think viewers will agree that we’re not uncomfortable around each other. It felt like everything was running pretty smoothly. Jinny’s Kitchen wasn’t the first time we all met. We already knew each other, so we didn’t need time to bond. Since we started this show as close friends, even though the work itself was hard, I feel like we took care of each other,” he added. 

BTS' V, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Seo-jin and Park Seo-jun in "Jinny's Kitchen" (Prime Video)
BTS' V and Jung Yu-mi in "Jinny's Kitchen" (Prime Video)

According to Choi Woo-shik, “It can be hard to adjust in a new environment, but since we’re close friends, we encouraged and supported each other while cracking jokes. Even during our breaks, we kept our energy levels high. Because we were keeping it real, we could be more relaxed in front of the cameras.”

BTS’ V agreed, saying, “Absolutely right. Everybody said nice things to each other. Even though they were like close friends to me, these people are higher up in the restaurant hierarchy. But they remained very professional and didn’t cross any boundaries. They said that they’ll hire someone below me for the next season.”

On what viewers can expect from "Jinny’s Kitchen," Jung Yu-mi said, “I think the chemistry between the five of us. Well, you can say we already know each other, but this is the first time we’re together as a group. So even though we’re all friends, it’s still something new and different.”

“Although people around the world can try Korean food, during my travels, I didn’t see any Korean street food whether it was tteokbokki. I thought it would be a good opportunity for people to see and try Korean soul food,” said Choi Woo-shik. 

Prime Video customers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam can watch a new episode of “Jinny’s Kitchen” weekly, every Friday, starting Feb. 24. The show will launch globally in other countries later in spring through Prime Video.