New York record label hones Pinoy artists

Rolly Pagaspas, JanB Entertainment's executive partner in the Philippines

It's already a borderless world, thanks to the digital revolution. And it takes a New York-based company like JanB Entertainment to bring international attention to brilliant and fresh talents in the Filipino music scene who are waiting to be discovered.

"JanB Entertainment's mission is to help yet-unknown talents achieve the fame they deserve," CEO Jeanette Torres-Bocobo pointed out. " We put these chosen digital artists in a cluster, forming our musical family which then becomes a basis of our Digital Artists Community. We support our artists in their music journey by introducing them to industry leaders and the media through networking activities, and conducting continuous training to improve their performance,"

Jeanette Torres-Bocobo and singer-composer Eytch Angeles are the  New York-based couple behind JanB Entertainment

"We are also a recording label so we produce, distribute, market and promote the works of our artists," she added.

The first community mic series of JanB Entertainment was held recently in Illusion Pub & Grill Cafe in Mandaluyong City. The gathering was primarily held to introduce the label's roster to members of the media who were wowed by the powerful voices and sheer talent of the artists.

Leading the artists' pool is singer-songwriter-DJ Eytch Angeles who joined the event via videoconferencing from his home in New York. Eytch, who is also JanB Entertainment's managing partner, announced the launch of his own single and composition entitled "Sa Kalawakan" which is a duet with local talent, Tif Machado. The song is now streaming on Spotify.

Aside from Eytch and Tif, other digital artists who were introduced during the mic night were Boyong, Ashley, Chelle and Almyn who is an active duty policewoman.

 JanB Entertainment's  digital artists are (from left): Tif, Almyn, Boyong, Chelle, and Ashley

Rolly Pagaspas, JanB Entertainment's executive partner in the Philippines, hailed the successful holding of the first mic series, describing it as " the perfect coming together where everyone shared a night of feel-good music, performances, and storytelling."

He expressed hopes that the event will be held every other month and that it will be able to tour other places in the Philippines to widen the search for other talents.