K-pop group Mamamoo wows crowd; deeply touched by cheers at first PH concert

K-pop girl group Mamamoo mesmerized Pinoy fans with their impressive vocals as they held their first ever concert in the Philippines. 

Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa and Wheein of Mamamoo held their “My Con” in Manila on Feb. 12 at the Araneta Coliseum and were overwhelmed by the crowd turnout and the screams and cheers from Filipino fans. 

“I thought the place was going to explode,” said Solar at the early part of the concert as she described the trademark loud cheers from Pinoy fans. 

Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)

She added, “We are so very thankful for your intense cheers for us.Wow! Wow! Philippines (is so) amazing.” 

Mamamoo’s Manila concert was the finale of their Asian tour. Starting in Seoul last November, Mamamoo held a total of 15 performances in nine Asian countries and regions that included Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. 

The concert showcased Mamamoo’s wide array of songs. They performed “1,2,3 Eoi!,” “Mr. Ambiguous,” “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” “Freakin Shoes,” “New York,” “Dingga,” “Emotion,” “Funky Boy,” “You’re The Best,” “Aya,” “Illella,” “Taller Than You,” “Mumumumuch,” “Spit It Out,” “Make Me Happy,” “Lunatic” and “Maria.” 

Mamamoo also sang “Paint Me,” “I Love Too,” “Star Wind Flower Sun,” “Decalcomanie,” “Hip,” “Egotistic,” “gogobebe,” “Starry Night,” “Wind Flower,” “Yes I Am” and “L.I.E.C.” 

Solar performed “Water Color,” Hwasa sang “Eclipse,” Wheein had “Honey” and Moonbyul sang “Twit.” 

Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo's Solar (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)
Mamamoo in Manila (Jonathan Hicap)

A fan-made video presented by Filipino fans made Mamamoo members cry. The video contained messages of love and support for Mamamoo. 

“Destined to be with Mamamoo,” the message in the video read. 

“We knew that Philippine Moomoos (fans) were waiting but we did not expect that your waiting was this hot. Thank you so much for the beautiful event that you prepared for us,” said Solar. 

Hwasa said, “I didn’t know why my tears kept on falling.” 

“We will make sure we will come back,” said Solar, who was also presented with a cake to celebrate her birthday on Feb. 21. 

As they were about to wrap up their concert, Wheein said, “We really cannot express in words how thrilled we are right now.” 

“I want you to know that we deeply feel your passion,” said Moonbyul. 

Solar told the crowd, “So amazing! I lived in the Philippines when I was in elementary. During our flight going here, I felt a little different. We will really make sure that we will return to the Philippines.” 

“I think through this tour, I gained very meaningful moments. And if we think Manila is our final stop of our tour, we are so thankful because we are overwhelmed because of you. We will always remember your passion for us. We will come back. Please wait for us,” said Wheein. 

Mamamoo in Manila (Mamamoo's Twitter account)

Hwasa said, “Thank you very much. These days I’m thinking of slowing down and resting. But while I was performing in front of you, what crossed my mind was I will further improve. We will come back.” 

“The truth is I didn’t plan to cry today. I didn’t want to cry. You made me cry. We thank you for giving us your time,” said Moonbyul. 

Mamamoo’s “My Con” in Manila was presented by Wilbros Live.