Felip debuts six-track EP 'COM-PLEX' under Warner Music Philippines


SB19’s resident rapper Felip Jhon Suson dropped a short yet intense track “Rocksta” a couple of weeks ago, but the multihyphenate refuses to stop at just one release. Today, he drops his debut EP as FELIP under Warner Music Philippines to show off his versatility as a solo artist.

Entitled “COM • PLEX,” he takes his listeners on a journey to his innermost thoughts and psyche and how he has evolved from his experiences as an artist.

In a private listening party hosted by Warner Music, FELIP performed all six tracks with a full-band set, which definitely blew the minds of guests, including selected media outlets and friends in the music scene. He tells an interesting story throughout the record, with lyrics written in both English and Cebuano. He kicks his set off with “Rocksta,” a fitting prologue for the EP with its heavy instrumentation and FELIP’s deep vocals.

Superiority" is a track inspired by Kuroko no Basket’s Daiki Aomine- a Japanese anime character whose notable trait revolves around self-improvement. “MicTest”, arguably his favorite track on the EP, is a Cebuano hype-me-up song inspired by Jersey Club music in the US.

“Drinksmoke" and "Criminal" are melancholic tracks that tell a story about one’s low point and how to bounce back through self-acceptance. Finally, “Straydogs” leaves a strong, concluding message- don’t be affected by what people throw at you.

In between songs, FELIP took some time to tell stories about the EP and enthusiastically entertained questions from the press. He thanked a variety of musicians who helped him build his sound - from his labelmate JRLDM, hip-hop icons Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott, to heavy metal titans Slipknot and Metallica.

At the tail end of the listening party, FELIP showed his unending appreciation to his supportive fans and friends. “As artists, sometimes we are filtered to express our thoughts. This EP is a way for me to send a message, and express my feelings.” He also announced a series of activities to promote the EP- which includes a radio tour in Cebu, a live showcase in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, and a new music video for “Straydogs” coming out on Feb. 10. 

With the EP now out, FELIP hopes the listeners will keep doing their own thing, and embrace the complexities of life. 

About Felip
Felip Jhon Suson is a Filipino performer, producer, entrepreneur, songwriter, and emerging tastemaker in music and fashion. More popularly known as Ken, vocalist and dancer of the globally-recognized P-pop group SB19, he has continuously proven that there is more to him than just his boundary-breaking aesthetic.

Shortly after his solo debut in late 2021, he quickly gained local and international recognition and was recently awarded as ''Breakthrough Artist of the Year'' at the 2022 Wish Music Awards. Growing up a singer and instrumentalist in a small church led by his grandfather in his hometown, music has always been part of his life. His dancing skills, on the other hand, were developed when he needed to dance for a school project.

Over the years and through rigorous training and performances, he has perfected these skills and sensibilities into his unique brand of modern pop music and artistry.

FELIP is where his love for music and art meets and is the name he uses for his solo releases. Compared to his quiet and reserved image as Ken of SB19, Felip is a fierce, confident, and versatile artist who combines his great sense of style with his sharp yet graceful movements, straightforward lyricism, and wide vocal range.

A proud “Bisdak”, his craft often takes inspiration from his rich cultural background. From his R&B solo debut, “Palayo”, to his recent mythology-inspired release, “Bulan”, he raps in his native language and pays homage to Visayan and Mindanaoan culture in his concepts. Armed with the success of his first two releases, FELIP goes further against the grain and daringly taps into the complexities of his emotions for lyrical direction with his solo debut EP entitled “COM • PLEX”.

The six-track record is predominantly hip-hop with touches of R&B and trap music and takes listeners on a journey beyond the blinding lights of the stage and into the psyche of an artist.

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