Motolite warranty now at your fingertips

Motolite is urging its customers nationwide to avail of its E-Warranty Program for added peace of mind.

The leading and most-trusted battery brand in the country said by registering their battery purchases in Motolite’s E-Warranty scheme, motorists will be able to make warranty claims anywhere in the country even if they don’t have their physical warranty cards with them.

Motolite has provided several ways to register your E-Warranty:

  1. The official outlets can make the registration upon purchase of a new battery;
  2. The Motolite Express Hatid and RES-Q Riders can register the warranty upon delivery of the battery;
  3. Customers can register their battery warranties and vehicles via the Motolite RES-Q app account.

“Motolite’s E-Warranty helps customers keep their battery warranties at their fingertips. If your car’s Motolite Battery is registered in the E-Warranty database, you can claim Motolite’s nationwide warranty even if your original warranty card is not with you,” Motolite said. “This is useful, because some customers discover they’ve lost their warranty cards just when they need them most. With Motolite’s E-Warranty, they can show proof of their warranty via their entry in Motolite RES-Q, or by asking our Motolite Express Hatid Hotline for confirmation (after providing their Battery Serial Number and Vehicle Plate Number).”

To encourage people to register their E-Warranties, Motolite kicked off the Motolite E-Warranty Raffles. Raffle prizes include KFC GCs, Samsung A53 5Gs, Greenlight EV M6s, and a 2023 Toyota Fortuner. There are monthly, quarterly, and a grand prize raffle. The promo will end on November 15, 2023.

RES-Q is the only app in the country that gives 24/7 assistance to motorists for vehicle breakdowns on the road. Highly trained technicians are ready to help when you have flat tires, run out of fuel, find your engine overheating, or have problems with your battery. These services are free to users of Motolite.

Motolite has been constantly upgrading its products and services to help give Filipino motorists enhanced peace of mind while on the road. For instance, Motolite recently released two new automotive batteries from their Excel series of batteries: Motolite Excel EFB and Motolite Excel AGM.

Using German technology and its state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, Motolite has engineered these top-of-the-line batteries to meet the needs of a growing selection of premium automobiles operating in the demanding Philippine climate.

Both these products are based on the popular Excel line.

These are designed to deliver optimum starting power for premium automobiles in a broad selection of sizes, including DIN (Deutsches Institutfür Normung or German Industrial Standard) sizes prevalent among European vehicles, and some Japanese, Korean, American, and Chinese cars.