LOOK: Grade 10 graduates will have a master's degree in just 6 years

At 22, Maria Alexandria Patricia Decena, has a master’s degree in management from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). A graduate student in marketing analytics and insights in Singapore, she hopes to work in a fintech or consumer tech multinational company conducting user experience research.

Decena belongs to the first batch of graduates of the Six-Year Integrated University Program (6YP) of UA&P in 2022. The program enables graduates of Grade 10 to earn their senior high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree in just six years.

The Six-Year Integrated University Program (6YP) of University of Asia & the Pacific combines Senior High, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in just 6 years.

"The 6YP starts with a liberal arts program that serves as a strong foundation for the professional specializations that the students proceed to take. That allows them to have both breadth and depth in applying the skills acquired to their chosen fields, and thus contribute significantly not only to the academe and industry but to society," says Dr. Amado Saquido, UA&P vice president for academic affairs.

Students under 6YP may choose to take up a master’s degree in the following fields: Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Humanities, Media and Entertainment Management, Industrial Economics, and Political Economy with Specialization in International Relations and Development.

"I can process both quantitative and qualitative information in order to provide concrete insights and recommendations for actual impact," Patricia remarked. "I have the curriculum of 6YP to thank for this, which provided me with the necessary critical thinking skills early in the program."

Grade 10 students whose preferred courses are not among the master's tracks offered by 6YP can opt to finish their senior high school in UA&P and take the bachelor's degree of their choice in UA&P without taking the college entrance exam.

Admissions for 6YP for SY2023-2024 are ongoing. Visit https://uap.asia/admissions for the admissions process. For inquiries, email [email protected] or call (632) 8637-0912 to 26.