Family man Simmons sad to leave NLEX but admits Chinese offer too hard to pass up

Jonathon Simmons gave outmost care for his family before he became a basketball player.

And that was exactly the reason behind his decision to leave NLEX and return to the Chinese Basketball Association and sign for a more lucrative deal.

Jonathon Simmons says decision to accept offer to play in China is for his family. (PBA Images)

Simmons said that he’s also saddened leaving NLEX after having a great time with his teammates but also admitted that the offer was just too hard to pass up at this point especially with the huge sum of money he could get to provide for his family.

“Not too much of regret but kinda sad though but it’s a lot more money on the table and I’m a family guy. I have a big family so it’s more to provide for my family at this point. ” said Simmons after leading NLEX to a 4-0 start to the conference capped by a 98-94 triumph against Phoenix in his last game.

“I’m 33 so I have a short window to play basketball so I’m just kinda thinking about that,” he added.

The former NBA player also expressed his appreciation of coach Frankie Lim and the whole NLEX organization since it was not even a secret that he was accepting an offer to return to the CBA even before he played his first game in the PBA.

In return, Simmons vowed to help the Road Warriors stay perfect through the first four games – something that he made sure to fulfill after dropping 38 points, seven rebounds and five assists on Fuel Masters.

“Coach and the whole organization have been very understanding the first time we addressed. It is more sad than regret, I’m trying to leave without regrets but this probably a move mostly for my family,” explained Simmons.

Still, as impressive as his performance was, Simmons surely left a lasting impression enough to leave the PBA door open for him.

And if that opportunity comes knocking once again and without any conflicting offers by then, Simmons assured that he would gladly take it and hopefully rekindle his unbeaten partnership with NLEX.

“(I) had a great experience. Great group of guys, great coaching staff, couldn’t ask for a better opportunity, unfortunate that I have to leave but it was all A-plus for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to come back and play for coach Frankie,” added Simmons.