Bibingka among 100 best cakes in the world - Taste Atlas

The country’s famous bibingka has been named one of the 100 best cakes in the world, according to Taste Atlas.


Taste Atlas, on its website, showed that bibingka earned the 16th spot with a 4.4 rating in its list of 100 Best Cakes in the World as of January 2023.

“In its simplest form, bibingka is a simple Filipino cake that consists of rice flour and water,” it wrote.

"It was initially prepared in clay pots that were lined with banana leaves, which would impart a distinctive, smoky flavor to the dish. Bibingka is believed to have appeared under the foreign culinary influence, and the first written reference describing a similar cake dates back to 1751," it added.

Taste Atlas also noted “Through history, bibinka was adapted with additional ingredients, and nowadays it is typically prepared with milk, eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and butter, while modern variations may include anything from grated cheese, salted duck eggs or grated coconut, and a variety of different sweet and savory toppings”.

Russia's Medovik, a layered honey cake, topped the 100 Best Cakes in the World list.

Poland's Sernik, Brazil's Pave, and Japanese Cheesecake, also ranked third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Feb. 4, Taste Atlas included four Filipino dishes in its Top 100 Worst Dishes in the World list.