K-drama ‘Our Blooming Youth’ starring Park Hyung-sik, Jeon So-nee to premiere on Prime Video next week

The Korean historical drama “Our Blooming Youth” will be premiering Prime Video in Southeast Asia on Feb. 6.

The drama stars Park Hyung-sik, Jeon So-nee, Pyo Ye-jin, Yoon Jong-seok and Lee Tae-sun, and tells about the tale of a crown prince with a curse and a noble woman falsely accused of murder.

The cast and director of "Our Blooming Youth" that will premiere on Prime Video on Feb. 6 (tvN)

In a press conference, director Lee Jong-jae and the cast answered questions about their roles in “Our Blooming Youth.”

Here are the five reasons to watch “Our Blooming Youth”:

1. Hot talent

“I hope ‘Our Blooming Youth’ does as well as my previous work ‘100 Days My Prince,’” said Director Lee Jong-jae.

The drama is headlined by Park Hyung-sik who starred in the dramas “Strong Girl Bong Soon” and “Happiness.” to newcomers like Jeon So-nee, Pyo Ye-jin, Yoon Jong-seok and Lee Tae-sun.

The cast of "Our Blooming Youth" that will premiere on Prime Video on Feb. 6 (tvN)

2. A youth-centered historical drama

Historical dramas have been and continue to be immensely popular amongst Korean drama fans. Historical dramas that are youth-centered and feature coming-of-age stories are especially popular.

Such stories are relatable for all ages and entertaining. Jeon So-nee shared,

“All five characters are youths who overcome their own walls ,” said Jeon So-nee.

The Korean historical drama "Our Blooming Youth" will premiere on Prime Video on Feb. 6 (tvN)

3. Unique characters

Min Jae-yi (Jeon So-nee) is a character who becomes framed for the murder of her family. In order to uncover the truth behind the murder, she seeks the crown prince (Park Hyung-sik as Lee Hwan) after finding a connection.

Jae-yi has to disguise herself as she is a wanted fugitive and becomes a eunuch as she works with the prince to solve their issues. She has a friend in her maid Ga-ram (played by Pyo Ye-jin) who also disguises herself as she helps out Jae-yi.

“‘Our Blooming Youth’ is unique in that there are two characters who are disguised as males,” said Jeon So-nee while Pyo Ye-jin added, “I think you’ll be able to see great chemistry.”

The Korean historical drama "Our Blooming Youth" will premiere on Prime Video on Feb. 6 (tvN)

4. Strong friendships

In addition to the heartwarming friendship between Min Jae-yi and Ga-ram, there is a strong rapport between the crown prince Lee Hwan and his childhood friend Han Seong-on (Yoon Jong-seok).

Their friendship is tested by the curse and a love triangle, but they care for each other. The friendship extended beyond filming as well! Yoon Jong-seok complimented Park Hyung-sik and said he wanted to learn from his example on set.

Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee (tvN)

“Even when it was really cold, really hot, or really tiring, Park Hyung-sik never complained,” said Yoon Jong-seok.

In addition, Ga-ram ends up teaming up with Kim Myeong-jin (Lee Tae-sun) while looking for Min Jae-yi and seeking to help her dear friend.

5. Heartwarming romance plus mystery

There’s plenty of heartwarming romance ahead in “Our Blooming Youth.”

“My character was pure and honest when he was younger, but something happens and he changes. He becomes unable to trust others. Then he meets Jae-yi and begins solving these events and growing as a result,” said Park Hyung-sik.

There’ll also be plenty of adorable moments with Ga-ram and Kim Myeong-jin.

Pyo Ye-jin said, “Lee Tae-sun and I have a lot of cute scenes.”