Did Vice Ganda take swipe at Kuya Kim Atienza?

Vice Ganda (Facebook)

All's well that ends well between Its Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Karylle!

After fans called out Vice Ganda for allegedly disrepecitng Karylle, the Unkabogable star realized her mistake during their banter on national television on Feb. 2.

Karylle (Facebook)

"Story time! Magkakasama kami ni K at Tyang and Anne sa dressing room. Di daw sya na-offend when i asked her. But i still apologized. So to simplify WE ARE OK," tweeted Vice Ganda on Feb. 3.

Then later, in a video clip uploaded by KPex Official, Vice Ganda said on air: "Yun ang bet nila, yung magkaaway tayo (Karylle) tas maraming maglalike-like para involved sila. Yes! Trending rin siya, nakuha niya ang gusto niya. Ikaw talaga Kuya!"

On Feb. 2, fans of Karylle claimed that Vice Ganda’s joke to her was awkward and insensitive.


“Oh so I am being called out. Yes i acknowledge sablay ako dun. Poxxx sablay again. Bawi po ako. Bawi right away,” tweeted Vice Ganda, as she acknowledged her mistake.

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