Janella Salvador open to 'girl love' project with Jane De Leon

Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador

By Carissa Alcantara

Closing an end to their journey as Narda and Regina, real-life friends Janella Salvador and Jane De Leon are open to creating a "girls love" or GL project in the future.

Playing as mortal enemies in the series, the fans are surprised as to how the duo created good onscreen chemistry that led them to the "Darlentina" tandem.

Before becoming ultimate besties, Janella and Jane were also a bit awkward when they started filming for the series.

"Hindi talaga kami friends bago mag-start yung Darna, but we both made an effort to be able to break each other's wall, talagang nag bond kami, and I think our friendship is for keeps," Janella said.

During Darna's finale press conference on Jan. 30, Jane and Janella gave their warmest gratitude to the fans who supported them throughout the show.

"Lagi naming sinasabi na sobrang unexpected talaga na sumabog yung Darlentina at JaneNella, especially sa panahon ngayon. Hindi naman natin inaakala na mangyayari," Jane said.

(We always say that it was really unexpected that Darlentina and JaneNella exploded, especially in this day and age. We never thought it would happen)

"We are so thankful, and like I said kanina it was unexpected but it's such an honor din to have the LGBTQ community supporting you. Nakakawarm siya ng puso na you have them," Janella also said.

(We are so thankful, and like I said earlier it was unexpected but it's also such an honor to have the LGBTQ community supporting you. It warms my heart that you have them)

When asked if they are willing to team up for a potential "girl love" project, the two say they are all for it.

"Of course, why not?" Janella said.

Playing a queer role in her past projects, Jane is supportive of working again with Janella.

"Sana 'yung story eh. Kasi it's all about the craft din naman, 'di ba kasi artist din kami. So challenge din 'yun sa amin, if ever," Jane quipped.

(I hope it's the story. Because it's all about the craft too, because we are also artists, So that's also a challenge for us, if ever)