NTC reiterates safety of customers’ data under SIM card registration law

Pursuant to the newly-implemented SIM registration law, all existing cards in the country must be registered until April 26, 2023. Government officials made it clear that all unregistered cards will permanently be deactivated, but the question remains: are customers’ data safe?

The National Telecommunications Commision (NTC) reiterated that all data collected in the SIM Registration processes will be treated as “absolutely confidential.”

“Information may only be released if a subscriber authorizes access Public telecommunication entities (PTEs) may only be compelled to reveal subscribers’ data via court order or through a subpoena issued by a competent authority,” said NTC.

(NTC / MB File Photo)

Data submitted in the SIM registration processes such as name, date of birth, sex, and present address will be stored by PTEs in their respective database. In this case, if a cyberattack occurs, mobile network operators are required to immediately inform the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) regarding the incident.

Not only did NTC assure the public that all information will be safe, it also stressed that PTEs will be fined in case of data breach.

“A fine of not less than P500,000 but not more than P4,000,000 shall be imposed,” said NTC, adding that a “similar fine” will be imposed if the breach of confidentiality occurs due to negligence.

Republic Act No. 11934, otherwise known as the SIM card Registration Act, seeks to prevent cybercrimes such as mobile phishing and text spams. As of Jan. 29, the cumulative number of registered SIMs in the country is 27,005,612 or at least 15.98 percent of the nearly 170 million cards nationwide.