Zack Tabudlo launches new era with 'Akin Ka'

After being hailed as Spotify’s Top Streaming Domestic Artist for 2022, Zack Tabudlo breaks barriers again with “AKIN KA,” a new record exploring a different side of his craft. Here, he explores with reckless abandon—it’s unapologetic and passionate but remains a homage to the smooth soul musical genre.

Zack sees the single as a mirror of his fun side since he took inspiration from funk and RnB classics, including legends like James Brown and Motown.

Photo by: Ara May Tanagon / UMUSIC Philippines

His choice of lyrics is also bold, as the persona speaks to a potential lover in a raw language—almost as if gasping for air, as he drowns in passion. On the other hand, the musical elements blend colorful sounds, meshing well with the narrative.

“The certain elements within—like the horns section, keys, drums, ambient noise, and backup vocals—helped build the entire song. It’s also a new experience for me, as the song mimics the 70s era and how soul music was made and written during those times.”

Fans can expect more of Zack Tabudlo (and his new musical explorations) in the coming months. From new tracks to live gigs, the night is young and full of passion—so listen to “AKIN KA,” out now!

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