Maureen Wroblewitz says breakup with JK Labajo 'quite messy'

Beauty queen-model Maureen Wroblewitz recently revealed she and singer-actor JK Labajo didn't end on good terms.

On TikTok, Maureen told a netizen that their separation was "quite messy like most break ups."

But she reiterated that they now want each other to be happy.

She also responded to an online user who asked her when she realized that it was time for her to let go of their relationship.

She answered: "I realized early on but I still stayed. I didn’t trust my intuition and I was afraid of being alone."

Recall that recently, Maureen talked about her controversial split with  JK.

On her social media account, she uploaded a video of her lip-synching Miley Cyrus's "Flowers," with the lyrics: "Started to cry but then remembered I / I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours."

"When you finally learn how to prioritize yourself," the text on the post read.

In the caption, Maureen shared how she had never really spoken about her past relationship but the song really speaks to her.

"That’s the thing about being in a public relationship, no one really knows what happens behind closed doors. i have lost myself over the past few years and i’m finally realizing who i really am. i am working on myself and healing from past trauma because i don’t want to make the same mistakes. maybe one day i’ll be ready to speak about it because i know it could help a lot of people," she said.

Her revelation immediately received mixed reactions.

One even insinuated a third party was the cause of their breakup.

But Maureen cleared: "No! Cheating is not the only reason couples decide to separate."

The Miss Universe Philippines 2021 first runner-up also reiterated in another clip that she has no "tea" to spill.

"I am here to say that no, there is no tea to spill. I'm sorry to all the marites. I don't think that's fair because I cannot just blame one person," she said.

According to her, the point of her first video wasn't to throw shade but to focus on all the things that she has learned from her relationship.

"I have lost a big part of myself and I'm only now starting to realize who I am and what I want," she related.

"In my past, I have sacrificed my beliefs and my values. And I did things that I didn't like. I enabled behaviors that I didn't like. I became someone who I dislike. That was because I was so focused on pleasing my partner, that I forgot about myself."

Maureen admitted that she wasn't assertive enough.

"I did not take accountability for what I want, and I'm just learning that I was doing that for years," she maintained.

"Also a reminder that everybody has toxic traits. But what is very important is that we're aware of them, and we're willing to change for the better," she added. "A toxic trait only becomes a red flag if the person says things like 'Take me as I am,' 'This is just who I am.'"

Maureen said she and JK were both very young when they got into the relationship.

And she doesn't regret those years.

"From that experience I have learned so many things. I have found out a lot of things about myself, and things that I want for my next relationship," she said.

"It's sad that it didn't work out, but it was for the best. The past eight months haven't been easy, and until today I still cry over past trauma. But I am healing every day, and I'm working on myself every single day. I always wanna have a positive outlook in life. Even though it wasn't the healthiest relationship, again I'm not blaming just one person."

Maureen noted that with every bad thing that happened in life, she knows there's always a lesson to be learned, and that's what she wants to focus on.

June last year when JK announced his split with Maureen.

The two went public with their relationship in 2019.