Salceda teases early bird Albayanons on their 'lack of love life'

With the "love month" of February just around the corner, Albay 2nd district Rep. Joey Salceda decided to tease his constituents about their love life--or the lack thereof.

(Screenshot from Joey Salceda's Facebook)

The targets of Salceda’s light-hearted trolling were the netizens who were quick to check their Facebook feed on Tuesday morning, Jan. 18.

"Good morning Albay. Maaga gumising ang wala lovelife (Those who don't have love life wake up early)," the veteran congressman wrote in one of his signature punchline posts.

As expected, the comments section of the post got interesting fast, with many of the Albayanons either confirming or denying Salceda's love life logic.

"Bat nyo po alam (How did you know)," reacted a Facebook user named Dela Cruz to the solon's post.

"Oo na daddy cong wala talaga ako haysss (Yes daddy cong I really don't have one)," said Vienmarie Llena.

"Malamig eh wlang kyakap,, kya maaga k tlgang mggcing (It's cold and there's no one to hug with, so you'll definitely wake up early)," wrote Jozef Olayres.

One Sheila Solis Alano replied to Salceda: "Di ka po sure cong na wala nga (Cong you can't be sure that I don't)."

Other netizens, like Michelle Nebres Nares, were more defensive with their comments. "Hindi po kasi napuyat kaya maaga nagising (I didn't stay up late, that's why I woke up early)," she said.

Meanwhile, Carlo Notario blamed work for his being awake, and not his supposed lack of a significant other. "Hindi ako natamaan magdamag akong gising, shift duty ko hahahaha di ako nasaktan (I wasn't being alluded to I was up all night, I have night shift duty hahahaha I'm not hurt)," he said.

Jo Shep Phine probably gave the best comment of all as she wished ahead of Valentine's Day, "Sanaol Cong Joey Sarte Salceda may lovelife (I hope we all get a love life Cong Joey Sarte Salceda)."

Salceda is the chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means. He is on his third and final term as congressman.