Angkas’ riders going to Mindanao, Visayas soon  

CEBU CITY -- Due to increasing demand, a ride-hailing firm is expanding to more areas in the country.

George Royeca, chief executive officer of Angkas, said ‘blue riders’ will soon be visible not just in the National Capital Region or Metro Cebu but also in other areas in Mindanao and the Visayas.

"For us, we have proven that the model works in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. A lot of people need this service. A lot of people need more jobs and this is what we intend to do -- to expand Angkas all over,” said Royeca.

The expansion could happen this year, Royeca said.

Royeca emphasized that Angkas is pushing the expansion not just to help provide better transportation but also livelihood.

"The idea right now is really to expand to the different parts of the country and offer this livelihood opportunity to all parts of the country," Royeca said.

Angkas will also have other services using its popular mobile phone application.

“The public should watch out for more services that Angkas will be offering. These are still under study,” Royeca said.

In Cebu City, Angkas has over 4,500 riders as it has become one of the most popular ride-hailing apps.

Royeca said Angkas will have more riders in Cebu.

Because of its immense presence in Cebu, Angkas decided to become one of the major sponsors of the recently concluded Sinulog Festival, Royeca said.

During the festival, Angkas provided free rides for Sinulog revelers through the booking spread across the Sinulog Grand Parade route at the South Road Properties.

Angkas’ ‘blue riders’ brought Sinulog revelers in and out of SRP during the festival.