ECHO ousts Blacklist, rules M4 World Championship

ECHO put up masterful performance and completed a dominant 4-0 sweep of defending champion Blacklist International to win the M4 World Championship title at the Tennis Indoor Stadium Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday, Jan. 15.

ECHO celebrates after the game (Moonton Photo)

The Orcas, led by Karl “Karltzy” Nepomuceno, along with Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera, Sanford “Sanford” Vinuya, Alston “Sanji” Pabico and Benedict “BennyQT” Gonzales finally exacted their revenge to the same team that dealt them so much heartbreaks in the MPL PH Season 10 Finals and in the upper bracket finals.

It was BennyQt who started it all for ECHO as his Lunox pick provided the mid-game power spike that proved to be lethal against the jungle Barats pick of Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario. 

ECHO drew first blood in the series with a 13-4 win with BennyQT showing the way with a 7-1-0 line while Sanji added a 2-0-8 KDA on the Yve pick.

Riding the momentum of the Game 2 win, BennyQT continued his onslaught with an ECHO signature split push play during the Lord fight capping off another stellar showing of 8-1-1 KDA on the Brody pick.

The Sanji-Sanford duo also dictated the tempo all-game long as ECHO always looked a step ahead of the defending champion especially during the fight for objectives to claim a 20-5 triumph.

Smelling blood, the Orcas showed no letup in the last two games and put on the finishing touches as they bagged a grand total of $300,000. BennyQT was also richer by $10,000 after bagging the Finals MVP plum.

Blacklist, on the other hand, failed to make history with a supposed second-straight M-series title and settled for the bridesmaid finish along with a $120,000 prize.