LOOK: This skincare range now has more Vitamin C

Time to glow with The Body Shop

The pandemic has made many realize what they want to achieve in life—be it the small things or the bigger dreams. For most, self-care is considered one of the top priorities, with skincare as part of the daily self-care regimen.

It wouldn't hurt to have glowing skin, which is why it was surprising to know that, sccording to Google, the search for Vitamin C has a growth of 1,000 percent since the year 2020. A growth of 400 percent on the search for "how to get glowing skin." This has proven that there is indeed a growing interest on skincare, with 73 percent of users upgrading their skincare routine during the pandemic.

The Body Shop took this data seriously, which is why they came up with the new and improved Vitamin C range. Made with 10 percent more concentrations and at least 90 percent of its ingredient from natural origin, this skincare line boasts of many add-ons that aid in boosting that much-aspired glow.

The Amazonian camu camu berry extract can be found in most of the new range, and it's naturally rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from stress aggressors. This can be found in the Glow Boosting Moisturiser, and its camu camu berry extract is said to have double the power of Vitamin C.

There's also bakuchiol that works on boosting the skin's complexion and evening out pigmentation and skin texture. This one can be found in the Glow Revealing Serum that's enriched with 10 percent vitamin C. This product specifically has the highest concentration of Vitamin C, too! Users will also be glad to find out that the packaging is made from recycled glass.

Daily Glow Cleansing Polish and Overnight Glow Revealing Mask are complementary add-ons, that when used all together, can help one achieve that natural glow from within. The polish comes in a light gel texture that comes with Jojoba microbeads and perlite. These ingredients help to gently buff away dead skin cells to reveal smoother and softer skin. The mask has natural-origin lactic acid and papaya enzymes that's been clinically proven to increase the skin's radiance by 89 percent, lessening the appearance of uneven pigmentation.

Lastly, the multitasking concealer is infused with vitamin C that's lightweight, buildable, and non-cakey. Concealing blemishes, dark circles, and beard shadow in a few swipes with no creases post-application via their wand applicator. With 20 shades to choose from, it's easy to find the shade that fits your complexion. Conceal and/or brighten with one sweep that's delivers a natural finish. And it's subtle citrus scent definitely adds to the uplifting mood.

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