This artist creates affordable hand-painted jewelry pieces

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National Artist for Visual Arts, BenCab, once told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that the isolation brought by the pandemic gave artists time to reflect and to create. 

And this couldn’t more true for Jem Nepomuceno. The pandemic paved a way for her to start her own online business called Capoly, where she sells hand-painted jewelry pieces. In an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, she talks about how her craft started and what she has learned from it so far.

What inspired you to start this hand-painted jewelry business?

I started painting in 2018 and I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t bring myself to sell any of my paintings. During the pandemic, everyone was online shopping, myself included. One late night, I was browsing thru etsy and found this super cute ceramic ring that I really wanted but found too expensive to buy. That’s when I realized I could create other products with my art, so why not make my own jewelry? 


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Can you please share with us your process of creating a piece—from your inspiration to concept development and to making it? 

I wanted it to be unique and special, this idea of hand-painted jewelry was not yet common here in the Philippines. That’s why I started experimenting with polymer. After researching online—a.k.a watching videos on YouTube—how to do it, I decided to create a few pieces for my own personal use and I posted them on Facebook. Some friends saw and asked for the shop details. Since I was having a lot of fun in the making them and with so much excess of raw material on hand, I decided to try selling. Capoly was born October 2021 and ever since, I’ve been experimenting with different shapes and designs, creating pieces that I would personally wear.  

What’s you message to other artists who are also looking to be an entrepreneur? 

For those who want to start a business, my best advice is to enjoy and believe in your product. Money should not be the primary reason. Your own unique style should be a part of whatever you decide to do. This is the foundation of any passion project—something you love that keeps you awake at night. Challenges will come in any business but if you don’t love what you are doing, you will find it difficult to stay in the race. In other words, start with something you could imagine doing for the rest of your life.