LOOK: This diaper brand has vitamin C

Read on to find out why

Here's a fairly new brand that's making waves in China. With over 28 branches in less than a year, Makuku is now available in the Philippines, even recently launching in Dubai and Indonesia.

The hero product are the diapers that are made of high quality and durability. The brand also considered the humid weather in the country, making sure that parents are given another option of breathable diapers. The result? Slim and Comfort diaper series for ultimate comfort, especially for babies who live in warmer climates. As thin as .02mm, it is indeed one of the lightest diapers and can keep it leak-proof for up to 4 cm. Quick absorption helps avoid skin irritation as well.

And not only are they slim and soft, the diaper is lined and infused with vitamin C. From research conducted by their team, a baby's skin pH level is neutral but becomes acidic once the diaper has urine. Diaper rashes follow. A thin layer of vitamin C helps to protect the baby's skin. The diapers are also made of silk peptide protein, providing anti-bacterial formula to prevent infection.

Aside from the wetness indicator, the soft elastic Velcro helps keep the baby comfortable and active all day long. The designs printed are made with Benzac and Ketone-free fat-soluble ink that are safe for babies.

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