FASHION PULIS: Swings both ways

Since the start of the career of Hunk Actor (HA), rumors about his sexuality would hound him.

Matching HA with actresses could not stop the hush conjectures.

Steamy movie scenes with alluring actresses were of no help as well.

Despite the gossip, HA just went with the flow of his career, focused on honing his talents, and ignored such rumors.

However, the rumor might soon be quashed if observations coming from the production of a network project surface.

HA and Upcoming Sexy talent (US) are in the cast of a production at work. Although the cast comprises many talents, the behavior of US has caught the attention of the production team. Allegedly, US has been seen leaving the room of HA in the wee hours of the morning several times. Such incidents have raised eyebrows and further talk of what the two are doing in HA’s designated quarters.
Further compounding the speculations is that the two have their respective partners. Spending time with a fellow talent during ungodly hours could create trouble in relationships once their partners find out. Meanwhile, another question that is now raised is if HA swings both ways. After all, sexuality is fluid.

‘Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it.’ − Emilie Autumn

The arrangement

How true is it that a showbiz couple and Network Actor (NA) had a certain arrangement? Amiable Actor (AA) and Gorgeous Woman (GW) were together for some time. When rumors about AA being interested in GW, no one argued against the possibility. When GW expressed positive feedback on AA’s intentions, her followers were supportive. Thus, when the two became official, there were no haters hounding their relationship or foretelling they would not last long.
As time went by, the showbiz couple was blessed with good projects and their careers flourished. Once in a while, controversies emerged, but the two hurdled the intrigues. Although the relationship projected to be that of a typical partnership, an interesting story circulated in the inner circle.
AA and GW were a private but fun couple. Lucky for NA, as he is like the beneficiary to the couple’s preferences. NA would be invited to cozy up with them. People who heard the story were in disbelief that AA could be very generous with GW. Still, others could not believe GW had a wild side. Meanwhile, NA was just as playful and secretive as well. Everything stays within the bedroom walls, so to speak.

‘To define a person or people as ordinary is a fallacy, for to breathe, think, choose, and love is anything but ordinary… on the contrary, people are extraordinary. It is those things and situations we encounter that can be ordinary.’ ― Nanette L. Avery

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