Nothing beats the feeling of home even when you’re eating out

Chef N creates a new place for good food and good art

By Roma Bello

WELCOME TO TABLE Chef Nino Rovillos

From a simple home food tray business to a classic dining restaurant in the south, entrepreneur and chef Nino Rovillos, otherwise known as Chef N, penetrates the culinary scene with his food concept Illo’s Home.

Illo’s Home started in the pandemic with no expectations of going big. Chef N crafted the menu and cooked recipes all at home back in December 2019 for his business then called Illo’s Party Trays. The Cavite branch was supposedly an expansion of his ghost kitchen but it is now the first actual restaurant.

The Eggs Benedict, omelette, and beef strips are must-try flavor-bombs!

The brand heavily values the quality of food served and the positive experience of every customer. Its mottos include “celebrate at home” and “dine at home” as Chef N believes nothing beats the feeling of home. Illo’s Home also puts importance on the customers’ multi-sensory experience, from visual appeal, the taste, and the smell.

PARTY WITH CHEF N A plate of baked penne pasta, pimiento Eggs Benedict, pulled smoked beef, and creamy beef strips

Illo’s Home is one of the aesthetic restos you can find in the south. At first glance, the exterior part looks similar to a normal house. But surprises come upon opening the doors. What welcomes you are different areas that go to fulfill the desired experience. There is an area for big gatherings and single tables for intimate dining. The interior is a balance of minimalist with white and gold motif and architectural displays, and paintings covering the walls entirely. These paintings aren’t only for display but for sale with the earnings directly going to the local artists who painted them or will go to fund employees.

The restaurant also features a special scent, apart from the aroma of the food itself, a scent specially concocted by the team.

The menu of Illo’s Home is composed of Filipino favorites. Underscored is a balanced “pang-masa” yet sophisticated flavors from breakfast down to its main dishes. Each plate starts from ₱300. Even though Illo’s Home used to serve big portions because it was once a party tray business, the quality of food served in minimal portions is no different, in fact, only better. The eggs benedict, omelet, and beef strips are must-try flavor-bombs!

The “Party Tray King” shared that he was supposed to go abroad to pursue a different career, but his love for the craft and food has attracted many diners, even celebrities. “With Illo’s , through food and service, we create a home for you to come in,” says Chef N. —Rosemarie Belo

Illo’s Home is at #2 President’s Avenue corner Adelfa Street, BF Homes Paranaque.